AKC judge and dog breeder will not get his breeding dogs back

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This story is quite telling. Troy Clifford Dargin has been charged with 37 counts that include animal neglect and operating an illegal dog-breeding facility. Dargin is also reportedly a judge for the American Kennel Club.

A Pottawattamie County judge ruled this week that Dargin will not get his 19 shih-tzus back. The dogs were seized earlier this month from what is being called a puppy mill. In a WHOTV.com article, the director of the local animal control office was quoted as saying the dogs were “living in filth, feces and urine.”

The breeding operation was found in his parent’s garage. Did I mention this guy is reportedly an AKC judge? WHOTV.com also reports the local authorities note the accused “has a long history of illegal dog breeding.”

Did I mention he reportedly is an AKC judge?


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2 thoughts on “AKC judge and dog breeder will not get his breeding dogs back

  1. Wow… what an amazingly well written article with tons of information and proof! Do you mind if I ask for proof of this?

  2. I am the president of a kennel club and we hire AKC judges for our shows. This kind of info is so vital to us.We are not privy to a lot that happens in the civil courts or local towns . Thank you.

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