And some say humans are across the board smarter than animals?

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Humans are supposed to be the most intelligent beings on the planet. But on a fairly regular basis, we see examples of individuals or groups who don’t have the cognitive ability of a slug – much less a higher-order animal.

Today’s example – a Florida man facing multiple charges after being clocked driving 127 miles per hour Saturday night – while drunk – with three small children in the car.

NBC News also reports he faces three counts of cruelty to a child, one count of reckless driving and refusing to submit to a DUI test. You will never hear about an animal doing something as crazy as this.

People like this don’t even have the natural instincts to stay clear of this sort of behavior. What should we call this? – Less than animal smarts? – Not even Slug Smarts? – Are they smarter than a slug? I’ll have to think up a name for this series.

Crappy Cognition?


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