Animals Can Be Smarter Than Some People: Example No. 863

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In my ongoing efforts to promote the level of intelligence found in animals, I’m offering examples of where animal smarts can exceed what we see in some humans.

Example No. 863: Clerical error leads to the release of dangerous criminal, who then kills Colorado prison chief. He was released from prison four years too early. He was probably laughing as soon as he was freed.

How is this possible? Clerical errors might be understandable on your car repair bill or property tax or something along those lines. But clerical errors that put dangerous criminals back on the streets, to put the public at risk, are inexcusable.

Animals are not that dumb. And animals do not engage in the sort of evil acts that took place as a result of this “error.”

(To fully disclose, I don’t have a list. I’m just making the specific number up each time.)


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