No-Kill advocate Winograd vs. PETA

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There is a back-and-forth building between no-kill advocate Nathan Winograd and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

Winegrad and others have slammed PETA for the number of animals euthanized at its shelter in Virginia. PETA has responded by stating the dogs there are too unhealthy or too dangerous to adopt out. Officials there claim the animals taken into the shelter are from surrounding areas and have been rescued from horrible situations.

The charge is that 96 percent of the animals taken in during 2011 did not make it out alive.

Now, an International Business Times article reports PETA has responded with a video, suggesting no-kill shelters are turning away pets when their kennels are full and are telling those showing up to drop animals off that they will need to do so at local municipal shelters.

This sort of debate has been going on for some time now. I tend to try to separate myself from this back-and-forth. Animal welfare groups don’t need to go after each other, when the villains in the story are those who are the source of the problem. While puppy mill operators and people who continuing allow their pets to breed new homeless pets continue to hide untouched the shadows, this debate goes on.

Maybe there’s enough blame to spread around, but the focus should be placed on those who are the source villains.

I fully support the efforts of the no-kill shelters, but until we fix the problems, the euthanasia of homeless pets will continue. Until our state legislatures get serious about puppy mills and funding spay/neuter programs and join forces with animal welfare groups, the problems will go on. Until the federal government gets serious about these problems, they will go on.

Until those who are uneducated about the need for spaying and neutering and about the horrors of puppy mills become educated, it will be difficult to fully solve the problem.

We’ve ALL got to work together – within a Pack Mentality – to solve this crisis. Far too many homeless are dying every year. We can make excuses, but excuses don’t save lives.


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2 thoughts on “No-Kill advocate Winograd vs. PETA

  1. Mention to Nathan Winograd that the issue of unnecessary shelter euthanasia is a matter of money— lots of it properly allocated —and you will discover that you are a ‘killing enabler’ and a ‘pet murderer’.

    As usual, animals suffer because of the stupidity and the personal agenda of humans.
    Mr. Winograd is no exception.

This problem will not be solved by calling shelters ‘killing fields’ and ‘death camps’ or by claiming that there is a safe appropriate home for the gazillions of homeless pets languishing in shelters and wandering the streets.

    This problem will not be solved by purposefully inciting division and acrimony amongst those of us who care for animals.

    This problem will not be solved by whacking animal protection organizations and those who support them.

    This problem will not be solved by accusing rescuers of murder because they do not agree with you.

    This problem will be solved by recognizing the true causes of the needless euthanasia of healthy animals –
    a staggering overpopulation of homeless cats and dogs,
    the disinterest of the general public,
    countless unregulated breeders churning out animals like Purdue chickens,
    the prehistoric notion that pets should be allowed the natural freedom to
    procreate forever,
    agricultural interest groups who thwart EVERY attempt to improve the conditions of pets and above all,
    the stubborn refusal of local legislatures to properly fund solutions to their communities’ flood of stray animals

    This is the truth, anything else is commentary, speculation, fairy-tale, emotional vampirism and personal agenda.

  2. Terry,

    Thank you for offering your thoughts on this topic. The problems you have noted in your comment are very real and something must be done about them.
    A segment of the population – all over the country – continues to add to the homeless numbers, without punishment.
    The debate goes on while the offenders get a free pass.

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