What some people will do for profit is sometimes astounding

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From the just-when-you-thought-you-heard-it-all file, we have the following story. A company that reportedly uses 10,000 goats and 5,000 rabbits for harvesting their blood to sell the antibodies, is being accused of animal cruelty.

Numerous violations of the Animal Welfare Act were found at Santa Cruz Biotechnology over several years, as reported in a Care2 article from Sunday. But very little was done to relieve the animals’ suffering, until recently, when a complaint was finally filed. But surprisingly, it is reported that the federal government does not rescue animals from cruelty in these cases or bar the offenders from keeping animals.

In the video report above, it is noted that a USDA inspector found a goat with a broken leg and when the inspector went back a month later, the goat was still there with the broken leg.

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