NC bill would allow for immediate rescue of pets found locked in hot vehicles

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Amazingly enough in North Carolina, current law reportedly restricts the authority of even law enforcement officers from rescuing pets locked inside vehicles during a summer heat wave. I find this hard to fathom.

But an article posted Monday on the site states this. The article suggests law enforcement can only try to locate the owner of the vehicle – while the dog or cat continues to suffer and maybe dies. But now thankfully, a bill has been introduced to allow them to enter the vehicle after reasonable effort to find the owner.

North Carolina is my home state and there are a lot of highly debatable pieces of legislation under review this year. This bill however, should gain unanimous approval. I can’t see how anyone could be cold-hearted enough to vote against it.

The other thing is, how could anyone challenge the actions of an individual who saved an animal from suffering in this way – certainly if the weather conditions clearly warranted their actions? Would I be charged with a crime for breaking out a car window to save a baby near death in hot car? – No.

We really should not charge people with a crime for acts of compassion.


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