NC judge orders suspect to pay for dogs’ care in dog fighting case

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An individual accused of dog fighting has been ordered by a judge in Charlotte, NC to pay for the care of the 27 dogs seized judge in the case. Two men were charged back in February with training dogs to fight.

The expenses were set at $14,000 – as reported by WCNC. If he doesn’t pay in five days, he loses “ownership” of the dogs. So the bad news is, it sounds like he won’t be absolutely forced to pay.

The dogs will be evaluated for adoption. But the following from the article offers hope –

“It’s horrible,” said Shannon Corkwell, a supervisor with Animal Care and Control. “These are dogs that seek our attention. They want us to pet them, they want us to play with them — and somebody’s taken them for a blood sport for their own entertainment.”

Despite their terrible ordeal, these dogs can recognize that the people at the shelter are there to help them – not harm them.


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