Is the AKC changing its tune on puppy mills? – We’ll need proof

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In researching information about the new puppy mill legislation in North Carolina, I ran across the American Kennel Club’s statement concerning the bill. And then I found an editorial about the AKC from June of 2012, on the Global Animal website.

The AKC is actually supporting the animal care standards in NC House Bill 903. The bill’s provisions include required access to daily exercise; fresh food and water; veterinary care; preventative care; protection from extreme weather and better flooring for cages.

But the AKC is knocking the bill in regard to not covering breeders with fewer than 10 breeding females – in stating:

AKC believes that animal cruelty statutes should cover all dogs regardless of the number or reason owned.

But the problem is the AKC’s previous and consistent work in battling breeding regulations across the country. Global Animal went after the AKC’s efforts in an editorial posted on its website in June of last year.

The piece includes this statement:

According to Friends of Animals and multiple other animal welfare organizations, it’s estimated that up to 80% of the AKC’s annual income comes from puppy mills or “high volume breeders.”

I hope the AKC is changing and will really go after breeders who register their dogs with the group, but are actually nothing more than puppy mills. I will need to see positive actions that tell me the AKC is changing before I change my take.

Too often I’ve read where a puppy mill has been raided that was selling AKC registered puppies.


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