Suffering and death on greyhound tracks in Florida and Texas

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More reports of injuries and deaths are coming out of greyhound race tracks in Florida and Texas. I’m sure we’ll hear the tired excuse from insiders, claiming the percentages are not so bad.

So we’re expected to ignore suffering and death because a lot of races are held and the math doesn’t seem so bad to those who look the away – where suffering occurs. People who care tend to show concern for the dogs; not so much on percentages.

The suffering is real, as we see from the following video footage from Gulf Greyhound Park in Texas:
(Warning: The images are graphic and are not intended for all viewers.)

The Herald-Tribune out of Florida reports on a conflict between the Sarasota Kennel Club and GREY2K USA. It seems officials at the racetrack told GREY2K they were going turn over injury records. But now the SKC is withholding the information, because they claim a GREY2K representative was rude on the phone.

The dogs at greyhound racetracks would trade in their suffering, along with the constant risk of death or severe injuries for just “rude” behavior.

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