Good News: Proposed horse slaughterhouse hitting roadblocks

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The proposed slaughterhouse in New Mexico has reportedly hit a roadblock due to environmental regulations. So it seems regulations to protect the environment can have a duel purpose – in this case to save horses from extreme suffering.

At the heart of the issue is a permit required under the federal Clean Water Act, one needed for discharging waste into water. It might be a technicality in this case. But we need is something to stop horse slaughter without the need for technicalities.

We need a firm, federal ban – today. And we need regulations in place ensure that individuals who breed horses for activities such as horse racing are required to care for each one over the course of their natural lives – or turn over guardianship to others who will care for them.

We have a system in place now where far too many horses are being bred for some profit-making venture and then discarded when they are no longer of “value” to that venture.

In this case, let’s hope more logical and compassionate heads prevail and a ban is put in place before the first horse is sent through the New Mexico facility.



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