Georgia animal shelter filled with homeless pets and too many are dying

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A Georgia animal shelter is overwhelmed with homeless pets and many have and will lose their lives if people don’t wake up in the community.

One county spokesperson interviewed in the report is right when she says this is not an animal problem. It is clearly a people problem.
But when will the people causing this problem in so many areas of the country wise up? Or when will they be held accountable for being one of the key sources of this problem?

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2 thoughts on “Georgia animal shelter filled with homeless pets and too many are dying

  1. Why isn’t HSUS helping OlympicAanimal Sanctuary? Those animals don’t even have the opportunity to be humanely euthanized to stop their suffering, they just suffer day in and day out, with scalding urine and feces burns trapped in travel crates in a dark wet warehouse. Yet the HSUS says they can’t and won’t help them. Why is that? Where are our donations going?

  2. HSUS is not in the business of helping animals or shelters…they are in the business of raising money. If you want to help the plight of animals in need, adopt instead of buying from a breeder, spay/ neuter, and assist your local shelter with time or donations.

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