Study shows greyhound racing is a loser for Florida

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An article from the Miami Herald just crossed the Pack News Wire, with the results of an interesting study concerning gambling in the state of Florida.

Here are the findings on dog racing in particular in the study, as reported by the Miami Herald:

Florida’s largest greyhound tracks are ready to give up their dog racing. With losses of $35 million from greyhound racing in the last year, only three tracks made a profit and that was because of revenues from cardrooms. Michael Glenn, general manager of the said his company would shut down the dog track if it could. “There just are not enough folks out there to come to the track and wager on these races,’’ he told Spectrum. “There is not any interest.” Jamie Shelton, CFO of Jacksonville Greyhound Racing, agreed.

Early in the article, it is suggested that expanding gambling in Florida could hurt the state’s reputation and therefore hurt the tourist industry. If Florida has a bad reputation, it could be partly because it is by far the biggest dog-racing state in the country. The fact that the legislature continues to allow this cruelty to go on is bad enough.

Hopefully, we will soon see elected officials there wake up to the fact that greyhound racing is costing Florida millions of dollars per year, on top of the horrors the dogs suffer through. The report was commissioned by the Florida State Legislature, and in this case that body should seriously consider and act on the information presented.

A full $35 million in dog racing losses last year is proof enough that more and more people are turning away from this industry, as more people become aware about the record of injuries and deaths. But as it stands now, the tracks are forced – by state law – to hold a minimum number of races.
It is long past time to end this state-sponsored tragedy. It is a monetary loser for the tracks and the state – and the dogs are paying the ultimate price.
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2 thoughts on “Study shows greyhound racing is a loser for Florida

  1. Thank you for reporting on this. I’m an owner of two retired racers from Florida. I will rejoice the day that greyhound racing is outlawed!!

  2. Greeneysgirl,

    That you for adopting your greyhounds. Thank you for speaking out against dog racing. And thank you for stopping by to visit the Pack Mentality Blog.

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