HSUS receiving high marks from charity watchdogs

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Again, I am not a member of any organization. I purposefully steer clear of joining groups so that I can maintain some degree of separation or neutrality between groups.

But too often I see comments challenging the reputation of the Humane Society of the US. It seems some people don’t actually understand what the HSUS does.

So when I saw a recent blog post from Wayne Pacelle, I felt it was important to report on its content.

Pacelle notes Charity Navigator, what he calls “one of the most recognized charity watchdog organizations,” has given the HSUS its highest rating of four stars. And there’s this: “The HSUS also receives the highest ratings from the other reputable charity watchdog groups. The Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance affirms that we meet all 20 of its standards for charitable accountability.”

The organization has been out in front of a variety important issues, such as puppy mills, dog fighting and factory farming. We need the great adoption groups from all across the map and we need local and state organizations that work on regional issues. And we need national groups like the HSUS and the ASPCA and others, that fight the battle on a national and global scale.


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