Wacky Mentality: Group decides “aerial culling” is humane

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This story comes out of Australia, where the Central Land Council supports the killing of wild horses from helicopters, in the Northern Territory. ABC News reports 3,500 horses were shot and killed through this brutal method over five days back in May.

The council claims a study was performed, with a finding that the average time to death was eight seconds and they claimed 58 percent of around 2000 horses died instantaneously. And they measured the pursuit time, or the period of time from the point the horses heard the death choppers coming, until they were shot. The claim there was 73 seconds.

With these so-called results, the claim is being made that the process is humane – especially when compared with hunting the horses down and killing them from ground.

No comparison was made apparently to NOT killing them or figuring out a way to control the populations through truly humane methods. But as we see too often around the globe, killing animals is the only thing some people can consider to solve a problem.

But getting back to the point, it is definitely a Wacky Mentality to suggest chasing down a horse from the air to shoot it is humane. Who thinks like that?


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