Puppy Mill News out of Iowa and SC

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There is a bit of good news out of Iowa, where a puppy mill breeder included on the Humane Society of the US’s Horrible Hundred list, is out of business.

WHOTV.com reports the breeder had “received numerous fines for violations ranging from neglect to failure to provide veterinary care.” But the bad news is that the breeder and the Iowa Department of Agriculture have reached a settlement agreement.

The breeder will pay one of the largest fines in state history – a $7,200 fine (that’s good). But she is only banned from holding a breeding license for three years – FOR ONLY THREE YEARS.

How anyone could justify this short ban, when a lifetime ban was clearly needed, is beyond reason.

In Anderson, SC, the county council is looking into new breeding regulations, in the wake of a recent puppy-mill bust, where 150 dogs were rescued from a puppy mill there.

One individual quoted in an Examiner.com article expressed concern that regulations on puppy mills will make it difficult for them to sell puppies to customers at a lower price. We know this is not true, as quality breeders prove they can offer humane care for their breeding dogs and sell to the public.

The alternative is to allow suffering because the breeders want a lower cost of operation. This is a completely unacceptable position to take.


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3 thoughts on “Puppy Mill News out of Iowa and SC

  1. I’ll bet a bag of dog-chews this twit moves his sorry ass to Missouri and begins all over again.

  2. Terry,

    Yes – or some would turn their operation over to friend or relative, during the short ban.

    The punishment for puppy millers and dog fighters is usually so weak that it is clearly nothing more than a joke to the abusers.

  3. Here in Pa. the Amish dog-farmers are notorious for doing just that.
    Whilst screaming about their religious rights.
    These folks need to go.

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