Wacky Mentality for Monday – Puppy Mills and Dog Fighting

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A couple of news articles from this month put Wacky Mentality on display – again.

Dog fighting and animal cruelty charges were filed last week against a Utah man. Witnesses saw two men holding the leashes of two dogs as they fought. An officer responded and also saw what was happening, as reported by Opposing Views.

So what was the excuse given by one of the men charged? – He said he was letting the dogs fight because they weren’t getting along and this was a way to “help them “get along.”

That is Wacky Mentality.

Over in Oceanside, Calif., the city council voted down a proposal to ban the sale of puppies from puppy mills in retail stores. The vote was 3-2.

The U-T San Diego article included the following:

But Councilmen Jerry Kern, Gary Felien and Jack Feller said they didn’t have enough information about what constituted unethical breeding to move forward with changing the city’s laws.

They didn’t have enough information about the definition of an unethical breeder? How is that possible in 2013?

And others speaking out against the ban tried to claim a ban on the sale of dogs in stores would send dog breeding underground and somehow hurt the long-term viability of breeding.

What a load of what I regularly scoop from our backyard. And then a store owner claimed he had to sell puppies to make a profit, as he could not make it selling supplies.
Again – a load of dung. There are pet stores all over the county that profit from selling pet supplies. It’s one of the consistently-performing elements of the economy.

There are examples of Wacky Mentality all through that news piece.


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