Pack News Wire: The good, the bad and the ugly

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The last week of news has featured some real ugliness and evil and clueless behavior, mixed in with some touching stories of compassion.

Lets start with clueless, mixed with ugly.

New York plea bargain lets animal abuser off the hook

A man in Nichols, NY was offered a plea deal last week, after being charged with several misdemeanor charges and one count of felony aggravated animal cruelty. The Daily Review reports he was charged with “overdriving, torture and failure to provide sustenance; inappropriate shelter for animals; and harboring unlicensed dogs.”

One dog was found dead and frozen to the ground. A necropsy found the dog died of starvation. But despite all of this, the deal will allow the man to walk free, with about a $400 fine and a ban on having animals for 10 years.

How any court system could believe this level of punishment for these crimes is acceptable is beyond reasonable and beyond clueless. In this case and other similar cases, it’s called the Criminal Injustice System.

The Good: Afghan animal shelter reuniting dogs and cats with soldiers

Louise Hastie, a former British soldier , is working with team of Afghanistan citizens to operate the nation’s only official animal shelter, according to a NBC News article.

Over the last six years, the shelter has transported over 400 dogs and cats over to the United States and the United Kingdom where they were adopted by former soldiers.

One of the key goals of the program is to promote the adoption of pets in Afghanistan, and hopefully this will raise awareness in the country, in terms of animal welfare in general.

More Good: Whale stays with trapped companion and leaps for joy when the friend is freed

When one humpback whale became entangled recently in a lobster net off the coast of Nova Scotia, another female whale remained with her.

When the trapped whale was finally freed by rescuers, her friend celebrated by leaping out of the water.

Once again, we see examples of friendship, loyalty and emotion in animals.

And a good person saves a dog from the UGLY

A compassionate person in Nashville, Tenn. took in an abused dog recently, one who showed up on his doorstep with injuries. He posted a message on Craigslist that read – “Your pit bull found me. And I’m not giving her back.”

The dog was found to have cancer and the rescuer was considering euthanasia. But after thousands of emails came in offering to help, she will get a chance to live – hopefully a much happier life.


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