Wacky Royal Mentality: Princess Anne on eating horses

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Princess Anne spoke this week at the World Horse Welfare conference and suggested fewer horses would suffer if more were killed for human consumption. She claims people would treat horses better if they thought the horses would end up as food.

No way around it, that is Wacky Mentality. And anyone who would treat horses badly, but somehow decide to treat them better if they knew the horses would be slaughtered later, is practicing Wacky Mentality too.

The Telegraph reports this:

She spoke of how in Poland horse owners cared properly for their animals. The Princess Royal said it was only when they were sold for meat and transported live in lorries that they were subjected to poor conditions.

So it’s okay that they are subjected to poor conditions on the way to – and at – the slaughterhouses? Has she thought this through?

People who really care about horses treat them with compassion because it’s the right thing to do. If some people won’t care properly for horses unless they know they can sell them into the meat trade later, then those people should not be guardians for horses in the first place.


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