Brief: Greyhound racing editorial is hugely wrong on two fronts

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I stumbled upon a stumbling greyhound-racing editorial on the Pack News Wire this morning, under the headline – “RGPTV is a showcase for the sport we are proud of.

1 – For the 999th time, Greyhound racing is NOT a sport. People racing around a track – on foot, on wheels or through other methods are sports. Football, baseball, basketball, golf, rugby, etc …. are sports.

Forcing dogs to race, in order to line the pockets of the industry leaders is in no way a sport.

And 2 – How could anyone be proud of an industry that causes suffering and death for dogs, all in the name of gambling profits?

Publications that call greyhound racing a sport are failing to understand the definition of the word. That’s not good. A publication’s sports department should know better.

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One thought on “Brief: Greyhound racing editorial is hugely wrong on two fronts

  1. Thank you for stating this, and stating it again – I agree: greyhound racing is NOT a sport! Neither is horse racing!

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