Another greyhound racing scandal in Florida

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It just never ends in greyhound racing, but state legislatures where it exist are still slow to act to finally ban this cruel industry.

Today, a man known as one of the largest greyhound kennel operators in the state of Florida is being accused of forging veterinary vaccination records, so that he could race the dogs.

James E. “Barney” O’Donnell allegedly used the signature of a deceased Miami veterinarian. The state is asking for a fine and for O’Donnell’s license to be revoked. The Miami Herald reports the “operators of the racetracks in Jacksonville and Hallandale Beach” have suspended his contract to race their tracks.

This is same individual who was charged recently with possessing performance-enhancing drugs that were being given to the dogs.

As the scab continues to be ripped off greyhound racing, I don’t understand why it is still such a slow process we’re seeing, on the way to ultimate and complete shutdown.
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2 thoughts on “Another greyhound racing scandal in Florida

  1. I am not an active racing greyhound owner. I am a retired racing greyhound owner. While I am not naive enough to believe that all owners of racing greys or all kennel owners are taking great care oftheir animals entrusted to their care…just not that stupid. I do know kennel owners and I have seen how well they treat their dogs, I know theynare not left in tiny cages all day. They are turned out many times a day and they run because it is their nature. They’ve done it for thousands of years. The love the chase it fun for them and no matter the out come of the race , each dog is treated to a bath, a massage and treats win or lose. The idea that the majority ofowners are cruel to their charges is archaic. What animal performs well, greets strangers with wags and hugs, or becomes a trusted pet once their racing days are over if they are mistreated. Stop believe the lies of the few uninformed self serving organizations and see for yourself. The dogs are happy and well adjusted. Get behind dog fighting and the people who are making millions off of killing animals in the name of sport.

  2. Karen,

    Thank you for offering your input.
    Your final sentence actually goes to the heart of the issue, because greyhound racing also has a history of killing animals in the name of profit and “sport.”

    I even had a racing insider say to me in a comment section, that he felt if would wrong for the industry to count the number of dogs that never make it out alive in the adoption percentage the industry frequently tosses out.

    Dogs should live with families. They should not be exploited in dog racing or dog fighting. And I frequently speak out against both.

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