Very informative article digs deeper into Iowa greyhound racing

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The negative news out greyhound racing continues to roll out at a fast pace, for an industry already buried under decades of negative news and information. How any state could allow this sort of activity within its borders is beyond belief.

The Des Moines Register’s latest article on Iowa dog racing, published Wednesday, contains the following, from an interview with Mystique (Casino) General Manager Jesus Aviles:

Aviles said in an interview he views Iowa’s greyhound industry as being controlled by a handful of people that are reaping huge rewards from greyhound races that are no longer attracting race fans or wagers. He provided statistics showing that the top 10 purse recipients in Iowa are pulling in an average of $712,413 annually and that $5.6 million in annual purse payments are leaving the state of Iowa.

Pretty stunning, isn’t it. But there’s more. Rick Dickinson, president of the Greater Dubuque Development Corp. is saying the industry is stalling on a proposed deal with the states casinos. The casinos want to drop the state-mandates to hold dog races. The racing insiders want a deal and some payout and to be allowed to open dog tracks elsewhere in the state.

Dickerson is quoted as saying, “They want to play “rope-a-dope” until the end of the session and then start over again next year.”

If only enough members of the state legislature would just vote to ban dog racing altogether, the could come to a wonderful end for the dogs.

But get this, the article reports Iowa’s two casinos are hemorrhaging around $13.5 million per year, in losses coming from subsidizing the two dog tracks. The casinos have offered to pay the dog-racing industry $70 over seven years, in a deal shut down the racing.

The racing side wants $95 million. It’s crazy. A payoff is hanging over the heads of the dogs. If the industry gets even $70 million, it should be forced to pay for the costs of medical care and boarding for the dogs, as they are transported to rescue groups.


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  1. If I was a greyhound, or any animal really, I’d much rather be a racing greyhound than a dog in either a peta shelter or a Humane Society associated shelter. One kills its animals at a rate of 50%, another at a rate of 82% and another…only a fraction of a percent in extreme circumstances. That last one, has a 96% adoption rate. It happens to be the greyhound racing industry. The author of this article is a blindfolded Luddite running around in the dark looking for the truth. Good luck with that!

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