Breaking: Florida legislature fails to act on decoupling

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Once again, it seems very possible that enough members of the Florida legislature are willing to pull defeat from the jaws of victory – for suffering greyhounds.

A WFTV article flashed across the Pack News Wire today, reporting the bill to decouple greyhound racing from the casinos has failed. I can’t imagine why anyone, with the information we have available to us, would want to allow dog racing to continue for another day. But here we are again.

And then we have the misleading headline over a Miami Herald blog entry – “Economists: If greyhound tracks decouple, state will see revenue dip for two years.”

The writer explains some economists are saying that decoupling occurs and some tracks shut down racing, tax revenues will dip – from $78,000 to $336,000 the first year to $121,000 the second year. After that, the revenues should recover.
But it is also reported that a recent study notes – “the state spends about $4.1 million a year to regulate the industry and takes in $3.1 million in revenue — a net loss of about $1 million, according to 2012 numbers.”

So in reality, even with a reduction in tax revenues for two years, dog racing is costing the state of Florida in a big way. The state continues to prop up an industry that hurting the budget and more importantly, the dogs.

The one bit of good news is the fact another piece of legislation that would require the tracks to report serious injuries has advanced out of a committee.


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