The attacks on the Humane Society, ASPCA and PETA are really attempts to block anti-cruelty efforts

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It happens constantly. An article or column or blog post reports on an undercover video showing abusive acts inflicted on animals or reports on legislative efforts supported by animal-welfare groups – and the attacks follow in the comment section.

People crawl out to slam PETA, the Humane Society of the US, the ASPCA or whatever group might have taken the video or pushed for the protection of innocent animals.

It’s time to call it what it is – pure propaganda in an effort to divert the reader’s attention from the effort to protect animals from abuse.

Every time an HSUS representative is quoted in an article about an anti-puppy mill bill, the propagandists slam the organization with wild accusations that show the person commenting is clueless to what the mission of the group really is.

Every time PETA shows an undercover video or engages in a protest somewhere, the propagandists roll out, to attack the group while ignoring the abuse that is the focus of the article or protest.

Everyone is free to express their views on any topic or group. I get it. Some people don’t like some of PETA’s strategies for getting a point across, for example. Those who disagree can slam away.

But if the mission is slam the mission of these groups or to shut down efforts to protect animals from abuse or neglect, then the writer or person commenting is just spreading empty, disgusting propaganda.

I rarely read a comment from someone slamming the ASPCA or HSUS, along with their thoughts on supporting efforts to improve protections for animals. I rarely read a negative comment about an undercover abuse video by someone who also take a firm stand against the abuse on the video.

The focus should be on the abuse and the criminals committing the abuse or in some cases we have to say “alleged abuse.” Trying to twist the story to focus on animal-welfare groups is only crappy propaganda.

There are even groups forming and lurking around with the sole mission of discrediting groups who are pushing for animal welfare. They are not trying to help animals. They are only spreading propaganda.

Did I say, “propaganda?”


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