The AKC’s Catch-22 opposition to the NC puppy mill bill

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We’ve read where the American Kennel Club is opposed legislation such as House Bill 930 in North Carolina because the group opposes setting a base number for how many dogs a breeder needs to have to be covered under these proposed anti-puppy mill laws.

The AKC has also expressed concerned that all dogs need to covered under guidelines of basic care.

So the group seems to be saying that it unacceptable to pass a law covering a limited number of breeders and that setting a cut-off number for the number of dogs on site or the number of litters or anything like that is wrong.

The group’s leaders can do this because they know other groups and most likely the AKC would strongly opposed any effort to regulate smaller backyard breeders or so-called hobby breeders or hunting-dog breeders.

Especially in more rural or Southern states this isn’t going to happen and the AKC knows any bill with these inclusion would never make it out of a first committee.

It’s a huge, glaring, easily-uncovered and very convenient Catch-22 for the AKC. I give credit to the AKC coming up with this Catch-22, but I wish more news outlets would ask the key follow-up questions to expose the twist to the AKC’s position.

And I’m not seeing counter proposals to address the ongoing problem, where probably at least hundreds of thousands of dogs are suffering today in puppy mills all over the country. And law enforcement agencies are calling for better laws to protect these dogs and to give the agencies better tools to step in.


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One thought on “The AKC’s Catch-22 opposition to the NC puppy mill bill

  1. I think that the AKC opposed more legislation because the legislation we have has not been effective and more will not be any more effective. If you abuse animals, you are most likely mentally ill. If you hoard animals, you are most likely mentally ill. If you sell unregistered animals, you are stupid and will get nearly no money for them. It seems to me that more legislation will only help the lobby and the people who actually love animals will still have to rescue them from the loonies.

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