How is it possible that a few state senators blocked puppy mill legislation in NC?

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We should not have state or federal legislative systems where a few elected officials with an ax to grind or a special-interest group to support can block extremely reasonable legislation that has the overwhelming support of the public.

Despite what some members of the US Supreme Court would have us falsely believe, people have the rights, not the special interests.

In North Carolina, Republicans hold super majorities in the House and Senate. The House voted in overwhelming numbers to pass a previous anti-puppy mill bill. A very small number of senators blocked the Senate version from moving out of committee.

Now, with the breeding previsions inserted into a budget bill, the same few individuals have managed to make sure the protections never come to a full vote. In negotiations over two overall versions of the budget, they managed to get the animal-welfare text removed – again.

As I’ve noted before, the arguments against the proposed legislation to protect puppy mill dogs and cats have no basis in reality. I can’t even imagine an alternate reality where these arguments might work.

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2 thoughts on “How is it possible that a few state senators blocked puppy mill legislation in NC?

  1. Thank you for having the courage to speak out when no one else in the media will.

  2. Janie,

    Thank you for continuing to be an advocate for animals.

    I am extremely frustrated by the fact that this could have been the year, if the full Senate had been allowed to vote.

    The AKC and other organizations should not be able to pull strings in this manner.

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