GoDaddy paints itself as clueless with puppy commercial

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One would think GoDaddy might have learned from the Skechers ad some time back that featured greyhound racing. But in a stunningly clueless move, the web-hosting company previewed a Super Bowl ad that shows a dog being shipped off from a breeder, after the puppy was violently thrown from the open bed of a pickup truck and then went missing.

I refuse to post the ad here. But the ending shows the puppy running back to the business property before the breeder coldly shouts, “Ship ’em out,” as the van door closes.

The ad is warped on a number of levels. From the breeder riding dogs around in open trucks to being clueless to the dangers of purchasing puppies online to the callus way the breeder is depicted shipping away the puppy.

Thankfully, GoDaddy has pulled the ad. But why, in 2015 and certainly as a company that knows how the Internet and search engines work, would GoDaddy not know in advance what dump theme for an ad this was?

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