Time Warner Cable joins the ranks of companies who are clueless to the puppy mill issue

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Leading up to Super Bowl Sunday, it was Go Daddy and its advertising firm that produced a commercial that only proved both companies don’t know how to use the Internet or don’t really pay attention to the news.

The promotion of puppy mills was either clueless or just plain stupid.

Now Time Warner Cable, a company that supplies Internet and cable services to its customers is showing the world that none of the higher-ups at its offices keep up with current events. And they have free Internet.

In addition, those within the advertising firms they work with apparently don’t engage in any research into the topics they highlight in their ads.

The Time Warner Cable commercial in question highlights a mom and her daughter, who wishes for a new puppy. At the end of the ad, the mom asks where the nearest pet store is – of course where she can buy a puppy.

It would have been so easy and reasonable to change the scene to have the mom ask about the location of the nearest animal shelter. Do the ad reps not meet with company officials to present ad ideas? Is brainstorming ideas no longer a part of this process?

Do decision-makers discuss the ads beforehand, to maybe head off any issues or controversies that might crop up? Did anyone at Time Warner not see the backlash against Go Daddy?

We’re trying to get the message out to people that buying a puppy or kitten from a store or online are two of the worst ways to find a new pet. So these two companies over the last few weeks have picked out two terrible things to promote in their ads. And the red flags for both topics were easy to find – on the Internet, which both Time Warner and Go Daddy should be experts at using.

How is this possible? Try searching the phrases – puppy mills, risks of buying puppies from stores or anything similar.

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19 thoughts on “Time Warner Cable joins the ranks of companies who are clueless to the puppy mill issue

  1. NO reputable pet store sells puppies or kittens anymore. The best companies (PetCo and PetSmart) hold adoption events, along with private shelter adoption events.

    NO reputable breeder would let their offspring get BOUGHT by someone off the street.

    The variables include: Is this a serious commitment (10-15 years)?
    Does the family have:

    a fenced yard?
    enough money to pay hundreds of dollars a year for food/vet/emergencies/boarding/training/day care/housing/moving?
    is someone home during the day to exercise/potty the dog?

    puppies are not disposable commodities. no family should snap decide to acquire a 10 year commitment.

    children grow up and move on. an irresponsible mother will simply put the “now inconvenient puppy” back into the nearest shelter.

    This ad hearkens back to the dark ages of pet acquirement. Haven’t we advanced?
    This year, millions of dogs and cats will be killed in animal shelters because there aren’t homes for them. Thanks, TWC for promoting irresponsible breeding, puppy mills, and the continuation of euthanasia for thousands of dogs and cats waiting in animal shelters because you thought a pet store was “funny.”

  2. K,

    Thank you for including your important thoughts on this topic.
    I would like to think a good majority of people understand now that buying a puppy from a store or online serves as a promotion of puppy mills.

    How Time Warner Cable – a company that sells Internet service – can be living so far into the past is beyond belief.

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with your views on the baffling irresponsibility of this commercial by TWC and thank you for spreading the word about their poor choice to promote the buying and selling of puppy mill dogs. I hope readers will take a moment to write the company and share their disapproval.

    While I definitely agree with the intent of the previous commenter’s overall intention, I politely disagree, however, with the statement referring to PetSmart and Petco as “the best companies”. Puppy mills aren’t the only kind of mass breeding facilities out there, and dogs aren’t the only pets who suffer in them. I have been active in small animal rescue for 10+ years we’ve been virtually glutted with pets purchased as impulse “items” by customers shopping at pet stores that don’t sell dogs *and* bring in dog and cat rescues regularly. Rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, chinchillas, ferrets, rabbits and more are constantly dumped in animal shelters and rescue. These animals suffer in tiny, species’ inappropriate enclosures the same way dogs do in stores that sell them. These animals are often kept in dangerously crowded cages, solitary species kept in groups fraught with violence and death, and they are sold, cheap, to inappropriate homes where they die from preventable disease, stress, malnourishment, a lack of basic vet attention, parasites, loss, predation by other pets, exposure to inhospitable climates, injury from mishandling, and other easily avoided problems that end their lives at a tiny fraction of their normal expectancy. Most are sold for a few bucks, perpetuating the idea that they are disposable, replaceable, interchangeable objects.

    There’s no reason anyone needs to support a pet store that sells live animals, period. There are fantastic pet supply stores in almost every city that have made the humane choice to sell *no* live animals. If you can’t get to a pet supply like these in your area, look for online pet supply stores that aren’t affiliated with stores that sell pets.

    There are rescue groups that specialize in small animals, reptiles, birds, and ferrets all across the U.S. and in other countries as well. (If you can provide a happy home for one–or more–of these animals, please consider adopting from one! We need great adopters, fosters, and volunteers.) These animals deserve a chance at being loved and cared for in the way their species’ requires to have a happy, healthy life. They deserve safe, knowledgeable, and permanent homes just as much as dogs do.

  4. ratgirl,

    You are right about the small animals sold in stores. They are raised in mills – mass-production facilities.
    I have personally complained to various stores over the years.

    We have made some progress over time and I certainly appreciate the move by some chain stores to stop selling puppies and kittens. But we’ve still got some distance to travel in protecting animals in breeding mills of all sorts.

    Thank you for your important contribution to the discussion.

  5. I was shocked and appalled at the sheer ignorance of a commercial supporting shopping for puppies at a store instead of a shelter. Adopt, don’t shop!!

  6. Omg the minute I saw this commercial I knew the activistscwould protest. How idiotic people can’t have freedom of speech anymore. If I want a pet from a pet store then I will buy one. If I don’t want to adopt I won’t. I’ve gotten pets from all three shelter pet store and breeder and that’s my right and choice. Nobody will bully me into their way of thinking.

  7. No one here is trying to bully you. We are tying to educate those who are buying puppies from pet stores, where the odds are great that the puppy came from a puppy mill.

    Dogs should not be sold like toasters. They are living, thinking, feeling beings.

  8. I find it interesting how different people perceive commercials differently. I don’t like Time Warner and dropped their service due to poor customer service and continuously rising prices for a slower and slower internet connection. However when I first saw this commercial, I viewed it as being well performed by the mother and little girl. I thought that the fact that both the mother and daughter were getting their wishes answered, their reactions looked to be genuine. I didn’t think for a second that, “oh no, TW is promoting puppy mills”. And my last two dogs over the past 25 years were both rescue dogs. In fact, I found this thread because I just saw the newly edited version of this commercial for about the 4th time, and Googled “Why did Time Warner ruin the wishing well commercial?” I missed the edited out portion where the mother and daughter expressed their happiness when they both realized that their wishes were coming through. Now my question has been answered šŸ™‚

  9. There is a petition you can sign on line if you feel as strongly as I do that TW should be more “with it”. I think it’s Care2. Or you can just google “time warner puppy mill”. They are trying to get 10000 signatures. Are up to about 1800 so far. I live in a community that kills about 11,000 animals a year for lack of homes and ignorance about spay and neuter. So in my life a pet store purchase is the same as killing one more animal—the one who didn’t get adopted instead. Thanks folks for whatever you can do to enlighten another mega-corporation

  10. There is a petition you can sign on line if you feel as strongly as I do that TW should be more “with it”. I think it’s Care2. Or you can just google “time warner puppy mill”. They are trying to get 10000 signatures. Are up to about 1800 so far. I live in a community that kills about 11,000 animals a year for lack of homes and ignorance about spay and neuter. So in my life a pet store purchase is the same as killing one more animal—the one who didn’t get adopted instead. Thanks folks for whatever you can do to enlighten another mega-corporation

  11. I was quite surprised with the “pet store” comment when I first saw the commercial. I knew it was only a matter of time before they cut it and sure enough, they did! The mother should have just said “let’s go get a puppy”. Leaves it open to interpretation. However, I would prefer she said “let’s go adopt a puppy”.

  12. I seriously can’t believe people cave to these extremists insisting on adoptions. You don’t always know history or health of SPCA animals either. I’m so sick of adoptions being shoved down my throat . I prefer reputable breeder. The Time Warner Commercial never said buy a puppy mill puppy they also have adoptable dogs at some pet stores.. And you are still buying the dog..you pay a fee to adopt. Let’s all adopt and never breed and make sure you spay and neuter every dog so they eventually are no more. Let’s ban breeds due to bad publicity..keep going with this type of thing and there will be no more dogs.

  13. I would ALWAYS adopt,and I have a lab that we rescued. My comment is this: Don’t you people have jobs? Have you really nothing better to do all day than to
    stare at the television and pick apart every little thing! It’s a commercial,not a policy statement. If you’re that bored go out and do some volunteer work.

  14. I am terribly concerned about the freedom of speech in America. I was aghast that Time Warner gave in to pressure from the extreme left psycho babblers and
    censored the TV ad where a little girl wants a puppy. Time Warner and others need to grow a set of balls and put a stop to pressures from the far left and exhibit their freedom of speech as described in the Bill of Rights.
    I did some research and found an email to send to the agency of the little girl and
    said I was sorry that you got censored and that there are people in this country who if they do not like what you say they will do this kind of stuff to you. I told her that her “15 minutes of fame” was cut to zero.
    Censoring that ad is an indictment of ALL pet stores. I am certain that there are
    decent ones out there. As such, I sent emails to ALL the major and some minor pets store across the country and suggested that if you are a decent pet store that you need to take action NOW as you are being demonized by the far left who paints with a huge brush putting all pet stores into the category as agencies of animal cruelty.
    Uh, by the way, do you know where there is a PET STORE nearby?

  15. I honestly don’t know what to say, other than “are you people serious?” There are starving CHILDREN in the world, ISIS is killing innocent PEOPLE, homeless PEOPLE are dying in the streets, CHILDREN are being horribly abused, the government is being taken over by idiots and it’s affecting EVERYONE, HUMAN BEINGS are being sold in sex trafficking rings, PEOPLE are dying from cancer, PEOPLE are dying and being consumed by drugs and alcohol……….but OMG! Stop the presses and let’s all do something about Time Warner Cable’s inhumane “puppy mill” commercial. Let’s picket and sign petitions because THIS is something that can’t continue!! *mind blown*

  16. I am in agreement with the truly serious social injustices which are happening world-wide. But I feel helpless to make any difference THERE. I live 50 miles North of Mexico where the pet problem is so bad that in our little town of approximately 100,000, our only shelter has to kill from 8,000 to 10,000 stray animals a year because there are no homes for them.. THAT is an area where I CAN assist by educating the general public, helping with Spay/Neuter and puppy mill education. Please attend a shelter and witness the euthanasia (killing) of an innocent animal that was not adopted (while someone adopted from a commercial source instead) before you criticize the concerns of animal activists.

  17. There are homeless people, needy people, starving children, abused children and women, and even serious racial injustices EVERYWHERE. Even 50 miles north of Mexico in small towns. Animals are animals, and people are people. Innocent animals being euthanized, while it’s sad and unfortunate, doesn’t even make the top 100 of social injustices that people should pour their time and money fighting. Being an “animal activist” always seems to me, an easy out for people that want to “make a difference in the world”. All you have to do is sit at a computer and join a petition or gripe at anyone who will listen. Go to your nearest women’s shelter and listen to some of those women and children speak about the abuse and violence that they have endured at the hands of the people who are supposed to love them the most. Or the nearest cancer survivors meeting and listen to those heart wrenching stories by those amazingly strong people. Or the nearest Al-anon meetings and listen to how drugs and alcohol have torn loving families completely apart. Maybe do any of these things and offer support and a helping hand before thinking that the best use of anyones passion and time is best spent on giving TWC a hard time about a commercial that surely was meant to promote “puppy mills”. Next thing you know, my daughters ‘Littlest Pet Shop’ toys are going to be considered “hate toys” and confiscated. Let’s go ahead and ban them, because after all, they are promoting puppy mills.

  18. You have no idea who I am and what I have done for the underserved in my 79 years, I sponsored recovering women alcoholics in AA for 20 years…most of them are sober, productive women leading exemplary lives today. I created a second-hand store to accumulate business clothes and started a class to teach business-dress and basic business protocol to battered women to prepare them lead happy, productive lives thru the batters-women shelter I worked for. In retirement I have served on three non-profit boards who dispersed funds to serve the under-served in my town desperately poor community. My husband is a volunteer Ombudsman who protects the rights of nursing home patients. Now, at 79, I do what I can from home. As for your comment ” ANIMAL ACTIVIST ALWAYS SEEMS TO ME AN EASY OUT FOR PROPLE THAT WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLLD.” All you have to do is sit at ta computer and join a petition OR GRIPE AT ANYONE WHO WILL LISTEN” I think it would help if you learn a little about the people you attack! And incidentally, I do not believe that caring, helping, comforting need to be species-specific. I am capable of both. Are you?

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