Outrage and concerns from inside greyhound racing are a farce

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So some greyhound racing insiders in Australia continue to issue statements that feature everything from concern to disdain over the live-baiting scandal. Much of it screams of artificial outrage

In reality, you don’t get to be involved in an industry that regularly kills and injures dogs and then come out with fake outrage when yet another scandal breaks out.

The Courier Mail out of Australia hit the right tone with today’s headline: “It took activists, not the greyhound industry, to uncover its sins.” In the editorial, Terry Sweetman states:

“The greyhound game is obviously incapable of regulating its own affairs and, if it is to survive, demands more government oversight and intervention.”

And then the writer rightfully calls out a proponent of dog racing:

Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce says he will meet state ministers to ensure the industry “remains” viable, strong and ethical.

It might be viable and it might be strong, but “remains” is patently not the appropriate word when it comes to the ethics of some in this industry.

Of course, dog racing isn’t viable either. But then the Agriculture Minister goes on to slam the animal-welfare groups that exposed the horrors at the live-baiting facilities. It seems he doesn’t like the fact that they trespassed to gather the video.

I get it that trespassing in general is sticky. But if you are engaged in criminal activity – particularly to this extreme  degree, you shouldn’t get to hide behind property rights. The rights of the victims far exceed the property-rights of the criminal.

What if it was a child being horribly abused and someone spotted it from the street, entered the yard, called 911 and shot video on his phone as the police cars approached? That citizen would be praised as a hero.

It appears more people could be charged as the investigation unfolds. The West Australian reports another five trainers have been suspended by Greyhound Racing Victoria.

And get this. The Courier Mail notes Victoria has a “Racing Integrity Commissioner,” – Sal Perna. Now that’s an individual with a tough job. He has to convince people there’s integrity in dog racing. But I guess when we think about it, it has become relatively easy to use propaganda to convince really gullible people that down is up or they can fly to the moon on a crock pot. (Or is that a crack pot?)

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