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Ag-Gag Laws

Can’t we pull back the curtain on the real anti-animal welfare agenda?

Here we go again – to a ramped-up degree. Those who want to protect puppy mill operations and factory farming are out to pass a Constitutional amendment in Missouri to shut down new measures to protect animals from abuse and neglect. But the folks backing the amendment are couching it as a movement to defending […]

Confusing story out of Arizona, concerning proposed animal-cruelty laws

I’m not quite sure what to make of an article posted March 11 on the Arizona Daily Sun website – under the headline: “Lawmakers create cruelty exceptions for farm animals.” The story starts out as reporting the state legislature had created special exceptions in regard to acts of animal cruelty, for farmers and ranchers. (Translated […]

Idaho ag-gag law challenged by ACLU

The ACLU is rightfully challenging Idaho’s new ag-gag law, recently signed by Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter. It’s troubling to consider that the response from the Governor and state legislature, to the release of undercover video showing farm animals being abused, was an effort to protect those who are abusing animals. It is also now against […]

Ag Gag supporters are opening a horrible door, while hiding abusers behind another

Imagine for a moment that someone hired to work on a home AC system sees a child being abused inside the home and takes a photo of the crime with his phone, to back up his 911 call to law enforcement. Those who support Ag Gag Laws would support charging the service person with a […]

ALDF: First person charged with violating Ag Gag Law

The Animal Legal Defense Fund reports the first person has been charged with violating the Ag Gag Law in Utah. The ALDF has filed a lawsuit in the state to overturn the horrible law. In this video, people are being harassed for standing in a public right-of-way. So a crime can be underway and the […]

Pack of Compassion Award: Carrie Underwood

Singer Carrie Underwood gets a Pack of Compassion Award for speaking out against Ag-Gag laws. But after she did so, Tennessee politician Andy Holt suggested she should “stick to singing.” Perhaps Holt should stick to twiddling his thumbs, as his actions are indicative of someone who knows absolutely nothing about animal welfare. But still, he […]

Protect-animal-abusers bill on the way to Tennessee Governor’s desk

The Tennessee legislature has joined other state bodies in the effort to protect those who abuse animals. This is another Ag-Gag law, with the intent of putting up iron curtains around factory farms or anywhere animals are being abused. Those with something to hide have something to hide and their buddies in power are right […]

Supporters of ag-gag laws are not offering proposals to protect animals from abuse

Undercover video in any number of cases of late has exposed animal cruelty on factory farms and in at least one case where horses were being trained. The response has been diverse – from one side being outraged to the other side attempting to cover up any future cases of abuse. I’m not hearing suggestions […]

Wacky Quote of the Day – Or, Ag-gag quote will make you gag

The effort to hide animal abuser from the public view continues this week in Arkansas, where two bills are being reviewed that would shut down any investigations of animal cruelty, other than those conducted by specifically law enforcement officials. Of course, the underlying effort is to shut down any cruelty investigations. The supporters of ag-gag […]

Ag-gag laws hide those with something to hide

If some states want to ban undercover video within the walls of factory farms, then replace it with something better. If abusers don’t want to be subjected to cameras operated by animal-welfare activists, then let’s put the cameras in the hands of inspectors – with a live feed – so that we can all see […]