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Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel features the real problems with substandard dog breeding

I was really pleased to see that Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel has dipped into this issue of dog shows and breed standards – through the American Kennel Club and others – and horrible breeding practices in general. PACK MENTALITY BLOG: Compassion – teamed with Science and Logic

AKC on the wrong side of the puppy mill debate – in a huge way

The American Kennel Club continues to stand on the wrong side of the push to shut down puppy mills. The last straw is the movement in my home state of North Carolina, where HB930 made through a full vote in the state House by a huge margin. But the bill is currently stalled in the […]

AKC continues to oppose puppy-mill regulations

I read an interesting article from WCNC out of Charlotte, NC – back in late February that I saved to soak in and then comment on later. The headline was – “AKC leads lobbying against NC’s puppy mill law.” The proposed law is in the form of House Bill 930, which is currently held up […]

HSUS board member reviews 2013

A view of the year 2013 for the Humane Society of the US, written by board member Cathy Kangas, was publish Tuesday on the Huffington Post website. While the list Kangas features contains a number of important facts, some of the information really deserves highlights. The public also became aware of the American Kennel Club’s […]

USDA announces crackdown on online puppy mill sales

Finally, we might be seeing a move at the federal level to go after puppy mills. The USDA has announced new regulations to bring dog breeders who sell puppies online or through the mail or by phone under the same guidelines imposed on wholesale breeders. This will be the case for breeders who breed four […]

Pennsylvania legislature passes new animal-welfare bill

Despite some setbacks across the map, the animal-welfare movement is seeing forward progress and some key wins. Pennsylvania joined the list of positive results this week, with the passage of its “Cost of Care” bill in the state legislature. And reports indicate Governor Corbett will sign it into law. The legislation means those accused of […]

Another editorial on puppy mills and the AKC

Op Ed News ran an editorial May 2 by Suzana Megles, under the headline – “The AKC and Puppy Mills.” Megles cites information from the Humane Society of the US that states the AKC has opposed 90 state and local bills for the for the past five years. She rightfully notes PetSmart and Petco stopped […]

Today Show reports on AKC and puppy mills

This one is huge. We are seeing more media coverage on puppy mills, but the national media needs to step up to the plate. The Today Show’s Jeff Rossen is one of the best right now at exposing all sorts of important news – all sorts of important wrongs. Early today, his Rossen Reports segment […]

Is the AKC changing its tune on puppy mills? – We’ll need proof

In researching information about the new puppy mill legislation in North Carolina, I ran across the American Kennel Club’s statement concerning the bill. And then I found an editorial about the AKC from June of 2012, on the Global Animal website. The AKC is actually supporting the animal care standards in NC House Bill 903. […]

AKC judge and dog breeder will not get his breeding dogs back

This story is quite telling. Troy Clifford Dargin has been charged with 37 counts that include animal neglect and operating an illegal dog-breeding facility. Dargin is also reportedly a judge for the American Kennel Club. A Pottawattamie County judge ruled this week that Dargin will not get his 19 shih-tzus back. The dogs were seized […]