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American Veterinary Medical Association

Sports editor drops the ball in understanding animal-welfare movement

I just happened across an editorial on “Animal Rights” by the sports editor of the Abilene Reflector-Chronicle out of Kansas. I don’t want to slam another writer too hard, but it is apparent that while he must know sports, on the topic of animal welfare …. well… not so much. Of late, some folks on […]

State appeals court in Texas rules pets are worth more than their property value

Word is spreading about a ruling back in November by a Texas appeals court, concerning the legal standing of pets, as more than property. The ruling centers on a lawsuit filed because a family dog was euthanized at a city shelter. The dog went missing during a thunderstorm and picked up by an animal-control officer. […]

AVMA modifies its stance on the use of gas chambers

The Animal Law Coalition is reporting the American Veterinary Medical Association has modified its stance on the use of gas chambers as a method of euthanasia. To date the AVMA has called the use of carbon monoxide gas chambers “acceptable” as a method of euthanasia. Now, in a new 2011 proposal, the organization is stating […]

Pack News Topics – Animal-welfare focus for AVMA, protest at UCLA lab and NYC shelter funding

The American Veterinary Medical Association is advancing its recent move to focus more on animal welfare. A group of veterinarians, animal scientists, and educators met June 22-24 at AVMA headquarters to discuss animal-welfare curriculum for U.S. veterinary schools. A news piece on the AVMA website includes this – “” While not completely absent from veterinary […]