Pack Line Headlines: Dog fighting, humane farming, abuser registries

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Vick ‘case’ might be helping to curb dog fighting in Georgia: The headline on the USA Today website reads “Michael Vick case helped curb dog-fighting in Georgia.” My immediate reaction was, ‘Wait, no one should be giving credit to Vick for this.’ But after that flash reaction, I felt better of the headline and article because it correctly included the word “case.”

Michael Vick himself hasn’t been the key to shining more light on this horrible, illegal industry. His arrest and conviction – the case against him as a sports celebrity – served to shine more light on the evils of dog fighting.

The January 17 article also notes Georgia now has tougher dog-fighting laws and set up an anonymous tip line.

Animal Welfare Approved farmer is 12 years old: Shelby Grebenc of Broomfield, Colo. is the youngest farmer in the country to be Animal Welfare Approved (AWA). She sells the eggs from her chickens on her Happy Chapped Chicken Butt Farm.

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