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Animal Behavior

More evidence to support the FACT that animals do have emotions

The evidence is abundantly clear and all doubts should be wiped clean. Animal do experience emotions. The only folks who are in denial are those with profit and/or greed motives or those supporting those with a profit and/or greed motives. Animal-loving families and individuals across the planet already understand the fact that animal experience emotion. […]

Basically, a good video about dog breeds and aggression – with one big problem

The producers of the video below did a pretty good job – on the topic of aggression and dog breeds. Just because a dog happens to be of a particular breed, doesn’t mean he or she will exhibit a particular behavior, aggression or other behaviors. But one major mistake is made in the video. The […]

A pretty good set of theories on why your hyper dog is hyper

This video offers some sound theories on why your dog might be as hyper as he or she is. PACK MENTALITY BLOG: Compassion – teamed with Science and Logic

Carl knows the way greyhounds should live

Carl is one of our rescued greyhounds – rescued from the horrors of greyhound racing. He has some emotional problems most likely brought on by his experiences within the racing industry. To some degree, he has what we call “space issues,” as he gets a bit agitated when he is resting and some of our […]

Pack Topic: Georgia rescuer killed by her dogs

This one is a bit tough to write about. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported last week on the tragic death of Rebecca Carey, a compassionate rescuer of homeless dogs. It is believed that Carey was killed by at least a couple of her canine companions. A friend believes she most-likely fell and hit her head while […]

Researchers: Apes have similar personalities to humans

An article published last week by the Huffington Post reported on new research on the personalities of chimpanzees, conducted by an international team of researchers. The conclusion: chimpanzees and orangutans do share personality traits with humans. The writer explains that to date some scientists are still challenging to the notion that suggests once again that […]

Another case offers more evidence of self-awareness in dogs

I recently got into a back-and-forth about greyhound racing under a Huffington Post blog entry. A couple of folks on the pro-racing side talked about the dogs as “athletes” and about how much they are worth in monetary terms. And they claimed the dogs love racing. I came out of the discussion thinking about how […]

Can dogs experience disappointment?

I found an interesting post on a blog called “A City Mom” on the Chicago Now website. Kim Strickland asked the question – “Can a dog understand a broken promise?” It seems she promised her dog they would go on a morning jog, but circumstances pushed back the outing. Her dog exhibited some unusual behavior, […]

Video: Blind dog now has guiding canine friend

A blind dog now has a canine friend who is also his guide dog – and they’re up for adoption as a pair. No one’s gonna tell me animals don’t have self-awareness, as this bond offers even more solid proof.

Living with the Rescue Pack

I’ve been thinking of late about the oddities my wife and I experience on an almost daily basis, living with our band of rescued dogs. The current dynamics within the family pack have changed quite a bit over the last couple to three years. We’ve lost several seniors over that span, who lived to a […]