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Animal Cruelty – Domestic Abuse Link

Pack Topics: Puppy mills and the animal-cruelty link and a Sea Shepherd invitation

Alleged puppy mill busted in New York State: Police were on the scene Wednesday for a raid on a possible puppy mill in Fort Plain, NY. Letter to the editor links animal abuse and violent in society: The writer of a letter to the editor in Michigan links acts of animal cruelty to violence in […]

Florida judge accused of being soft on animal abusers

A judge in Lee County, Fla. is being monitored by animal lovers for a trend where he consistently waves off animal-cruelty charges. Fox 4 out of Fort Myers/Naples, Fla. reports that among many cases, Judge Frank Mann was reported to have recently cut off an animal services representative as she was presenting evidence. The article […]

Pack Topic: Animal Cruelty, the Law and the Link to Domestic Violence

Maybe it’s because I’m so laser-focused on the subject, but it seems to me that we’re seeing more and more cases of animal cruelty – and with the trend, more cases relating animal cruelty to domestic violence. No recent story makes the connection more than the Associated Press article from Thursday, where a Georgia man […]

Pack Lines Headlines: Animal welfare, budget cuts, puppy mill petition

IFAW – Within the animal welfare movement, reasons for hope: An editorial ran Dec. 23 with this headline on the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s website. The piece reflects on areas of success such as the European Union ban on seal products and an increase in the survival rate for stranded marine mammals on Cape […]

Saturday Commentary: Human Behavior – The Real Mystery

I recently began work on a local story about a family that rescued a puppy from a highway median. The little dog was injured, but after surgery is on the way to a full recovery. I had a discussion with one of the rescuers about how some people can have such a lack of compassion […]

Man could get life in prison under three-strikes law for killing puppy

A California man accused of killing his wife’s 6-week-old Chihuahua could get life in prison under the state’s three-strikes law. He allegedly threw the dog against a wall. He was also predictably charged with one misdemeanor count of battery on a spouse. The InsideBayArea.com story reports he has a criminal history more than 30-years long. […]

Connecticut House passes bill to link animal abuse to child abuse

Connecticut could become the next state to track cases of animal abuse and link them to domestic abuse cases. The Capital Watch blog on Courant.com reports as follows – “” “” The bill requires local animal control officers and employees at the state Department of Children and Families to report cases of animal cruelty to […]

Connecticut bill would require record-keeping of animal abuse cases

A bill in the Connecticut legislature would establish a cross-posting of animal abuse cases between the Department of Children and Families and the Commissioner of Agriculture’s office. The Waterford Patch cites a 1998 study that found in 21 percent of 1,600 cases of animal abuse, involved family violence as well. But 71 percent of women […]

Two more troubling cases of abuse

Another animal abuser has gotten off easy, this time in the case of an Illinois man who recently pleaded guilty to a felony charge of aggravated animal cruelty. He cut the throat of his brothers cat after finding out about an affair between the brother and his fiancee. The Herald-News reports the accused received a […]