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Animal Cruelty

Dog spinning is one of the lesser-known acts performed by idiots

I try to avoid labels and name-calling in debating animal-welfare issues. But there are acts of cruelty, neglect and general clueless behavior that deserve anything we can throw out. Dog fighting and poaching and bear bile farms and any other cruel examples we can come up with, fall under this category. And I ran across […]

Confusing story out of Arizona, concerning proposed animal-cruelty laws

I’m not quite sure what to make of an article posted March 11 on the Arizona Daily Sun website – under the headline: “Lawmakers create cruelty exceptions for farm animals.” The story starts out as reporting the state legislature had created special exceptions in regard to acts of animal cruelty, for farmers and ranchers. (Translated […]

Legislation Update: Greyhound racing, puppy mills and animal cruelty

There has been some positive movement around the map of late, on greyhound racing to animal-cruelty laws. South Dakota finally joined the ranks of the states with felony animal cruelty laws, becoming the 50th state to enact more serious punishment for severe acts of cruelty to animals. Thanks to the recent passage of SB 46, […]

Column about Michael Vick is a dropped pass in the end zone

Writer Brenda Linck used a blog post on Fan IQ to suggest NFL quarterback Michael Vick, convicted on dog-fighting charges, is a role model. Maybe, in a stretch, one could suggest he turned his life around – if and only if we see a change going forward for an extended period of time. But at […]

Finally, a longer ban on possessing animals in a criminal case – but …

I finally found a story where someone convicted of animal cruelty received an extended ban on possessing animals. I wish lifetime bans were a regular part of the sentencing, but we’re just not seeing this, except in rare cases. The only thing about this latest case, where a 20-year ban was imposed, is it in […]

Ohio close to passing new animal-cruelty law

The Ohio House voted Wednesday to approve new legislation to increase the penalty for acts of animal cruelty, specifically making the act of “abusing or torturing a pet to death” a felony – as reported by Cleveland.com. The measure will now move to the State Senate before hopefully being signed into law by the governor. […]

Article highlights weakness in current animal-cruelty regulations

Ignorance as a primary factor in animal-cruelty cases was the primary theme for an article posted November 30 on the Topeka Capital-Journal website. But the article also notes how much local law enforcement agencies can be handcuffed by current regulations. Which clearly indicates these current regulations do not offer enough protections for animals suffering from […]

Another weak sentence for animal cruelty – in a puppy-mill case

I continue to be stunned by the support some facets of our legal system shows for those who engage in acts of cruelty to animals. I use the phrase ‘support’ because some courts refuse to make the punishment fit the crime. I also blame state legislatures across the nation and the federal government for refusing […]

Wacky Mentality Award: Rep. Marsha Blackburn on Horse Soring

This one ranks as unbelievable. Marsha Blackburn, a congresswoman from Tennessee, is speaking out against legislation that would strengthen the ban horse soring. The practice involves using corrosive chemicals on the legs of some show horses, in a cruel effort to make them step high for shows. They are known as gaited show horses and […]

Local, online poll shows huge support for anti-puppy mill laws

Online polls can be a bit unscientific, the numbers found in a local news station poll this week are incredible. WWAY in Wilmington, NC asked readers if they think North Carolina needs to enact tougher puppy-mill laws. Just up the road from Wilmington, around 100 dogs were recently rescued in a raid on a rural […]