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BBC Video: Proof that calling some politicians “bird-brained” is an insult to birds

In the BBC video posted below, a complex puzzle is set up in an attempt to stump a crow. These birds are well-known for their intelligence and use of tools. The crow’s problem-solving skills are amazing, which begs the questions: Should we elect crows to Congress? Could they do a better job of solving the […]

Animals can be smarter than some people: Example No. 473

My local city’s newspaper website runs mug shots on the main page of its website. News outlets are doing this all over and some areas have printed publications for this purpose. So check these mug shots out every day and you will find photos of individuals who show cognitive abilities far lower than those seen […]

Animals Can Be Smarter Than Some People: Example No. 863

In my ongoing efforts to promote the level of intelligence found in animals, I’m offering examples of where animal smarts can exceed what we see in some humans. Example No. 863: Clerical error leads to the release of dangerous criminal, who then kills Colorado prison chief. He was released from prison four years too early. […]

Important study shows dogs recognize the faces of their own species

An important study is advancing our knowledge of dogs, in showing they can recognize other dogs of their specific species, by viewing images of their faces. Scientific American published the findings. And in the article I found about this news, I really like some other statements made about dogs, including this – “” When interacting […]

Researchers: Apes have similar personalities to humans

An article published last week by the Huffington Post reported on new research on the personalities of chimpanzees, conducted by an international team of researchers. The conclusion: chimpanzees and orangutans do share personality traits with humans. The writer explains that to date some scientists are still challenging to the notion that suggests once again that […]

Study shows baboons have rudimentary reading skills

A French university study has found baboons could very well have rudimentary reading skills. The baboons have been able to distinguish between actual words and scrambled letters. Four-year-old Dan has an 80-percent success rate in identifying words and has reportedly learned 308 four-letter words. An Associated Press reports makes this assertion – “” The study […]