Ohio puppy mill bill stalls in state House after 30-0 vote in state Senate

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Another piece of anti-puppy mill legislation has been amended into a stagnant state – this time in Ohio, where after a 30-0 vote in the state Senate, the Senate Bill 130 ended up treading water until the time ran out on the latest session in the state Senate.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, the proposed law would establish a “Commercial Dog Kennel Control Authority under the state Department of Agriculture that would be responsible for licensing and setting standards of care. Large-scale breeders would be regularly inspected and required to maintain a certain level of care, including adequate size and condition of cages.”

The Animal Law Coalition reports licensing and litter registration fees were stripped from the legislation in the Senate version. The costs in implementing the regulations seems to be a concern.

Rescue groups would also fall under the regulations and according to the ALC, the latest version of the bill would bring dog breeding under agriculture, as opposed to the aforementioned Kennel Control Authority, where the funds would come from fees and penalties imposed on breeders.

And dog auctions and raffles would not be prohibited, as they should be. So it appears the other side has stripped too many important provisions that might shut down poorly operated breeding facilities. And certainly dog auctions should have been ruled illegal many years ago.

The ALC offers more information about the legislation in the link I provided above.

GAO reports on horse slaughter

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It is long past time to fully ban the cruel act of horse slaughter. And the movement just received some support from the Government Accountability Office. A study released recently by the GAO contains some important information, as reported by the Animal Law Coalition.

A bill (SB 1176) is currently pending in the US Senate that would ban the export of horses to foreign countries for slaughter. This a huge and important loophole to close to fully ban the slaughter of horses living in the United States.

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Anti-horse slaughter bill introduced in US Senate

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A bill with bipartisan support has been introduced that if passed will amend to the Horse Protection Act to prohibit the sale and transport of horses outside the US for human consumption.

If the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act becomes law, as I understand it, it will be illegal to slaughter horses in the US and it will be illegal to transport them outside the US for slaughter for their meat, for human consumption.

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