Breaking News: King Amendment removed from Farm Bill

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This is BIG news. The horrible King Amendment has been removed from the Farm Bill. The amendment is named for the single biggest supporter of animal cruelty in the US government – Rep. Steve King.

The mission for King and his amendment, was to gut animal cruelty laws across the nation and to prevent states from passing legislation to protect animals from abuse. But the Farm Bill Conference Committee has agreed to drop the seriously-flawed idea.

On its website, the World Society for Protection of Animals posted a statement by Anne Lieberman –
Executive Director, WSPA USA

If included, the King Amendment would have lowered standards for agriculture production and weakened current state-based laws (like in California, whose laws allow certain animals to move freely and extend their limbs while confined). This would have had serious negative consequences for the welfare of millions of farm animals and for consumers.

The Humane Society of the US also praised another key provision in the latest version of the Farm Bill:

The compromise bill includes a provision making it a federal crime to attend or bring a child under the age of 16 to an animal fighting event, based on the Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act, which will fortify the federal law against organized and barbaric dogfighting and cockfighting rings.

So good news here. This is another huge setback for Steve King, who has expressed opposition to prohibiting kids from attending animal fighting events. Yes, I know; it’s unbelievable. How could anyone think it’s okay to bring kids to a dog or cock fight. The man serious needs a visit from Dickens’ Three Ghost.

The US House could vote on the revised bill on Wednesday. Stay tuned.

Kathy Kangas of the HSUS wrote an editorial for the Huffington Post on Jan. 24, concerning the evil King Amendment.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund is celebrating King’s defeat and offered the following as part of their statement:

With today’s news, the recent renewal of the ban on horse slaughter inspection, and last week’s tabling of New Hampshire’s Ag-Gag bill, it looks like 2014 is off to a great legislative start so far!

And back on Jan. 23, the LA Times offered its take, under the great headline: “Iowa Rep. Steve King lays an egg on the Farm Bill.”

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ALDF releases 2013 state rankings for animal protection laws

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The Animal Legal Defense Fund has released its 2013 state rankings for animal protection laws.

The five best states are Illinois, Oregon, Michigan, Maine and California.

The worst of the worst are Kentucky, Iowa, South Dakota, New Mexico and Wyoming – with Kentucky coming in as the state with where animal abusers are must welcome (my wording).



The ALDF has released these annual rankings since 2006.

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ALDF: First person charged with violating Ag Gag Law

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The Animal Legal Defense Fund reports the first person has been charged with violating the Ag Gag Law in Utah.

The ALDF has filed a lawsuit in the state to overturn the horrible law.

In this video, people are being harassed for standing in a public right-of-way. So a crime can be underway and the people documenting the crime can be harassed? What’s wrong with this picture?

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ALDF: Fifth Annual National Justice for Animals Week – Feb. 18-24

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The Animal Legal Defense Fund is promoting February 18-24 as its Fifth Annual Justice for Animals Week.

From the ALDF page concerning this effort –

Every year we dedicate one week to raising awareness about how to report cases of animal abuse, and how to work locally to strengthen animal protection laws and enforcement.

ALDF: The five best states to be an animal abuser

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The Animal Legal Defense Fund has a release its annual report ranking animal cruelty laws in the 50 states. The states at or near the bottom of the list need to get their bottoms in gear.


From the press release:

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Kentucky, North Dakota, Iowa, South Dakota, and New Mexico are 2012’s five best states to be an animal abuser, according to the latest report released by the national nonprofit Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF). Following a detailed comparative analysis of the animal protection laws of each state in the country, ALDF has released a new report ranking all fifty states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and other U.S. territories for the general comprehensiveness and relative strength of their respective animal protection laws. The report analyzes more than 4,000 pages of statutes, tracks fifteen broad categories of provisions, and reveals the states where animal law has real teeth – and calls out those, like Kentucky (the single worst state in the nation for animal protection laws, for the sixth year in a row) where animal abusers get off easy. ALDF’s seventh annual state rankings report is the longest-running and most authoritative report of its kind.  Continue reading

ALDF releases new state rankings for animal welfare

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The 2011 US Animal Protection Laws Rankings from the Animal Legal Defense Fund were released this month.

Kentucky is ranked last on the list, due to its extremely weak laws. The state has been at the bottom for the past five years. The other four states on the Worst Five list are Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa.

The Top Five states are California, Oregon, Maine, Michigan and Illinois – with Illinois coming in again at No. 1 for the fourth year in a row.

For complete information about the report, go to