When will we see an end to greyhound racing?

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There has been a scattering of news of late on the topic of greyhound racing. I’m hoping with every passing day, we are getting closer to a complete shutdown of this horrible industry.

Over in the UK, an important article ran on the Independent website on November 8. Apparently a BBC1 documentary ran several days ago entitled – “Panorama: Drugs and Money – Dog Racing Undercover.”

The Independent piece used the terms – ” … but the overall impression was of a sport in which the dogs mean nothing at all beyond their gambling potential” in reviewing the documentary.

The greyhounds are being given drugs such as cocaine, amphetamines and the sedative cyclazine. Some 2,500 dogs are being killed there each year when their racing days are over.

A BBC News article ran on November 3, detailing how the dogs are “drugged to rig bets.” The article contains some really disgusting information.

Back in September, VeroNews.com referenced an independent report funded by the Florida legislature. The state spent $4.1 million to regulate greyound racing in 2012, but the tax revenues over the same year only amounted to $3.1 million.

On an interesting side note, a judge in Texas has ruled the industry there cannot offer terminals where patrons gamble on images of historical races. A group of charitable bingo operations challenged the use of the terminals, because they might reduce the level of patronage on bingo games.

The CEO of the Sam Houston Race Park was quoted in the Chron.com blog entry linked above as saying the ruling was a blow to the racing industry in the state. That is actually great news for dogs and horses.

And in another bit of good news, the University College Dublin has announced it will stop purchasing greyhounds for veterinary training. Yahoo News out of the UK reports the League Against Cruel Sports and GREY2K found that 212 former racing dogs were purchased and killed by the university over a six-year period.

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Vast majority of Americans oppose cosmetic testing on animals

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Now that the European Union has banned cosmetic products tested on animals, the push is underway to impose the same ban in the United States. A new poll by Lake Research Partners shows 67 percent of Americans opposed testing cosmetics on animals.

That’s an important result, but even still, I wonder what the other 33 percent are thinking? And 72 percent of women oppose this practice. So some men skewed the poll numbers down. What’s up with that?

And get this – the PRWeb article on this topic notes the “Food and Drug Administration does not require animal testing to prove the safety of cosmetics and personal care products . . .” So this isn’t even something the industry is forced to do.

This one should be easy. The federal government could ban this torture today.



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Editorial asks if the US will ever be cruelty-free on product testing

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The first animal-welfare group I ever official joined as a member was the North Carolina Network for Animals, back in my college days. The group focused somewhat on the use of animals in product testing.

People can argue about whether or not testing for a particular product is required. But the one thing no one can defend is the repetitive and completely unnecessary testing that goes on in areas where the results are in the books.

It’s time to stop and an editorial posted Monday on Examiner.com, by Jeannette Smith, makes that case. She notes some of the products tested through animal suffering are not products we really need.


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Kitten buried in concrete: A kitten discovered buried alive in concrete and inside a pipe died days after being rescued back in May. Law enforcement officials in Arizona are investing the case.

There are some strange allegations flying in the case, according to an article on the Star Tribune website. But the bottom line is this – the person or persons responsible need to spend a long time in prison.

Dog auctions in Ohio back in the news: Thankfully, some great people are working hard to enact a law to ban dog auctions. But the practice continues, in part due to the puppy mill practices of the Amish. WFMY News reported this week on a recent auction in Millersburg, Ohio.

Two dogs recently purchased by animal-welfare activists were found to have medical problems – from a degenerative disc and broken bones for one and an ear infection, major tooth decay and skin lesions for the other.

Paul McCartney supports Be Cruelty-Free campaign: The music icon is everyone to get behind the Humane Society International/India’s Be Cruelty-Free campaign. The mission is to end animal testing on cosmetic products – worldwide.

Pack Line Headlines: Horse trainer suspended; Class B dog and cat dealers under fire

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The Associated Press has reported Doug O’Neill, the trainer of race horse I’ll Have Another, has been suspended 45 days by the California Horse Racing Board. O’Neill has denied direct involvement in giving horses performance-enhancing substances, but the rules apparent hold the trainer ultimately responsible.

The AP story also included this tidbit – “” It was O’Neill’s third total carbon dioxide violation in California and fourth in his career. In 2010, he was suspended and fined for a similar offense involving one of his horses that ran in the Illinois Derby at Hawthorne Race Course in suburban Chicago. “”

The American Anti-Vivisection Society is claiming the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is “falling far short” of a goal to protect dogs and cats from abuse at the hands of research labs.

The AAVS reports – “” Most recently, AAVS has learned that R&R Research, a random source Class B dealer with multiple Animal Welfare Act (AWA) violations, has been awarded a new license by the USDA. “”

The USDA should be the enforcement arm for the AWA. But the AAVS explains that in “2009 the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report detailing USDA’s failure to effectively manage random source Class B dealers.

Once again, we see the existing regulations and the enforcement of animal-welfare laws are very, very weak. Just the phrase “Class B dealer” should be cause for alarm.

End cruel testing on Great Apes

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The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and celebrity spokesmen such as Alec Baldwin, Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi, Alicia Silverstone, Woody Harrelson, Kevin Nealon and James Franco are speaking out in support of the Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act.

The movement seeks to end the cruel testing on Great Apes.