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Animal Welfare

I found another editorial featuring wacky mentality, on the topic of animal welfare

This one is off-the-charts wacky – out of Australia. An editorial posted on the 9News website explains a so-called industry think tank claims fighting for measures to protect animals from cruelty is making life worse for animals. The Australian Farm Institute, obviously a pro-factory farming group, spins the heck out of this one and so […]

Clueless commentary misrepresents the animal-welfare movement

Once again, we find someone trying to justify the abuse of animals – as somehow something that should be protected as freedom. An individual named Michael Rubin produced an editorial for Commentary Magazine, which was posted on March 19 under the headline – “Are Animal-Rights Activists Really Concerned About Animals?” The writer jumps into two […]

Columnist asks if Christians should care about animal welfare

Christianity Today blogger Ed Stetzer put this question out to his readers on Thursday: Should Christians Care about Animal Welfare? My answer? – Of course; absolutely; with a doubt. After all, compassion was a primary focus for Jesus. From the Bible to Saint Francis of Assisi to most recently, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, we’ve seen a […]

ALDF releases 2013 state rankings for animal protection laws

The Animal Legal Defense Fund has released its 2013 state rankings for animal protection laws. The five best states are Illinois, Oregon, Michigan, Maine and California. The worst of the worst are Kentucky, Iowa, South Dakota, New Mexico and Wyoming – with Kentucky coming in as the state with where animal abusers are must welcome […]

Pack of Compassion Award: Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Archbishop Desmond Tutu wrapped up 2013 by moving into the animal-welfare debate and showing his support for the humane treatment of animals. He very much deserves a Pack of Compassion Award, going into 2014. In the forward to the new book, Global Guide to Animal Protection, Tutu states: The matter of the abuse and cruelty […]

HSUS board member reviews 2013

A view of the year 2013 for the Humane Society of the US, written by board member Cathy Kangas, was publish Tuesday on the Huffington Post website. While the list Kangas features contains a number of important facts, some of the information really deserves highlights. The public also became aware of the American Kennel Club’s […]

Wacky Mentality for Nov. 4: Odd statements on breeding and animal welfare

Some people just continue to pull in their thoughts from regions beyond our solar system. This, of course, is assuming intelligent life does not exist beyond the Earth. But then again, intelligent life is limited here too. The Pack News Wire included an editorial posted on HoosierAGToday.com – under the headline: “The Hidden Agenda Behind […]

Farm Sanctuary: Chickens are smarter than a 4-year-old human

Bruce Friedrich of the Farm Sanctuary wrote an editorial concerning the intelligence level of chickens, published August 16 on the New York Daily News website. Friedrich notes the Farm Sanctuary has been caring for rescued chickens and other animals for 25 years. They have “come to understand them as individuals with interests, desires, and personalities.” […]

Pennsylvania legislature passes new animal-welfare bill

Despite some setbacks across the map, the animal-welfare movement is seeing forward progress and some key wins. Pennsylvania joined the list of positive results this week, with the passage of its “Cost of Care” bill in the state legislature. And reports indicate Governor Corbett will sign it into law. The legislation means those accused of […]

Proposed amendment to the recent Farm Bill was set to strip protections for animals

US Representative Steve King (R-Iowa) is an anti-animal welfare as they come. His latest effort – the so-called King Amendment to the latest Farm Bill – was set to do several things, such overturning the ban on gestation crates for pigs. An Examiner.com article included the following: According to the Olympian, it would effectively force […]