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Puppy mill deniers keep getting it wrong

Read most any article about proposed anti-puppy mill legislation and underneath you will most likely find comments from those opposed to improved protections for animals. Or the letters to the editor section will feature this sort of drivel or you can find it on some organization’s website. Of late, those fighting against better regulations are […]

The attacks on the Humane Society, ASPCA and PETA are really attempts to block anti-cruelty efforts

It happens constantly. An article or column or blog post reports on an undercover video showing abusive acts inflicted on animals or reports on legislative efforts supported by animal-welfare groups – and the attacks follow in the comment section. People crawl out to slam PETA, the Humane Society of the US, the ASPCA or whatever […]

Breaking News: Gov. Cuomo signs New York puppy mill bill

New York has new regulations to combat puppy mills, after Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the bill into law on Friday. The primary factors in the law are the ability for local municipalities to regulate breeders and enact stronger regulations. A Capital Confidential blog post on the Times Union website includes a statement from the ASPCA. […]

Dog rescued from puppy mill learns to trust people

The ASPCA video below tells the story of Zack, a little dog the organization rescued from a Michigan puppy mill earlier this year. Zack was very afraid and it took some time and compassionate contact to allow him to understand that not all people are evil. I will be writing very soon about some new […]

Scab ripped off of West Virginia greyhound racing

For a long, long time, any logical or moral defense of greyhound racing has been non-existent. And as more news comes pouring out of the industry – in the United States and overseas – the evidence that should lead to a complete shutdown of dog racing is abundantly clear. The situation in West Virginia only […]

ASPCA video from dog fighting rescue

The ASPCA has released its video from the recent dog-fighting raid, where over 360 dogs were rescued from sites in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Texas. PACK MENTALITY BLOG: Compassion – teamed with Science and Logic

Major dog-fighting bust highlights major problem

I think U.S. Attorney George Beck has struck the key note, in terms of the criminal element in our society. In the first paragraph of an article on the DothanEagle.com site, about a huge dog-fighting raid, Beck was paraphrased as saying he, “thinks there are two types of people in hell – those who are […]

Video: Little girl knows its wrong to buy puppies from stores

The ASPCA has released a video featuring a very young animal lover who knows the odds are that puppies purchased from stores come from puppy mills. And she knows the definition of a puppy mill. It’s sad that some people are still claiming we have don’t have a definition for puppy mills. Sure we do. […]

ASPCA stepping up movement to shut down puppy mills – with photos

The ASPCA is posting photos of the horrible conditions seen at puppy mills – taken by taken by the U.S. Department of Agriculture of the last several years. You can view the images on the ASPCA NoPetStorePuppies website. The Washington Post ran a story recently concerning the campaign and in it quoted a lobbyist for […]

Breaking News meets Great News: NC anti-puppy mill bill introduced

A press release this morning from the Humane Society of the US and the ASPCA reports a new bill has been introduced in the North Carolina General Assembly – to regulate dog breeding and crack down on puppy mills. Thousands of dogs are suffering today and this suffering has gone on for decades in North […]