Animal-welfare headlines from around the globe

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Animal welfare in China gaining ground: Famous Chinese celebrities are speaking out about animal welfare issues and ABC News reports one top animal-welfare advocate notes the affect has been to see the “interest in animal rights snowball in China over the last few years.”

Basketball star Yao Ming has been speaking out against bear bile farming and shark fin soup.

Bear bile farm opens its doors to journalists – not: The Guizhentang pharmaceutical company in China claimed it was opening it doors to one of its bear bile farms to journalists on Wednesday. But like the greyhound racing industry, it was all a scam.

Turns out journalists were not allowed to ask questions during the “show.” And foreign reporters were not allowed in – according to a story posted today on

And the troubling news from this evil industry only gets worse, as the this company plans to increase the number of bears its tortures each and every day from 470 to 1,200.

And then there is this from the The West article, via AFP:

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To extract the bile, bears are often placed in cages so small they cannot move, while tubes are inserted in their gall bladders to extract the bile for extended periods of time, animal rights groups have said.

According to the non-governmental group Animals Asia, official figures state that around 7,000 bears still languish in bile farms across China, but many more could be used in illegal establishments.

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300 elephants slaughtered for their tusks: In northern Cameroon, poachers have killed 300 elephants in the last month. Estimates put the elephant population at only between 1,000 and 5,000 left in Cameroon.

The people who murder these elephants and the people who create the demand by purchasing the ivory or the products are as evil as anyone on the planet. They all should be housed in the worst basements in the dirtiest prisons on Earth.

New sled dog regulations deemed a fail by welfare folks: In Vancouver, BC, animal-welfare supporters are crying foul over new regulations, developed in the light of the horrible sled-dog massacre last year.

The Vancouver Sun article reports the Sled Dog Code of Practice, developed by the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture, contains “instructions on how to humanely shoot unwanted dogs.”

From the story – “” The new document contains detailed instructions on how to humanely shoot a dog, including diagrams, illustrations and advice on restraining and calming the animal before shooting it and what to expect when the deed is done. “”

What in the world were these people thinking? The outrage that led to these new regulations spread far and wide because of the inhumane manner in which the dogs were killed. So in response, the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture decides to develop a how-to pamphlet on inhumanely killing dogs.

This would be like the Catholic Church apologizing for the abuse of children by some priest – and in response issuing a how-to booklet on improperly touching kids, for reduced impacts. No, the church wouldn’t do this because it’s stupid and it’s wrong.

The only humane way to euthanize a dog – or any other higher-order animal – is by injection.

But the article also includes this – “” Another working group member, Nancy Clarke, an animal science professor at the University of British Columbia, said a gunshot can be just as humane as other methods of euthanizing dogs β€” if it’s done correctly. “”

How could an animal science professor say something like this? I’m floored. The statement is amazingly false. To suggest a gunshot is “just as humane” as injection shows a lack of understanding of self-awareness and state of consciousness.

Lifeforce and the Vancouver Humane Society have called for a total ban on sled-dog tours and races. I fully agree. Too many bad things are happening.

Pack Line Headlines: Bear bile farms; PUPS Act; Puppy Mill stores; beached dolphins

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Bears starving themselves to death on bile farms?: Some are suggesting bears suffering horribly on bile farms are trying to starve themselves to death to end the torture.

An article posted on the Mother Nature Network website tells the story of a bear on a Laotian bile farm who was refusing food. The owner of the farm admitted this was not uncommon. So the farmer tortures bears every day, forcing them to live in tiny cages with no room to move at all and punches a hole in their sides to extract the bile AND admits they starve themselves to death. Yet, he continues to torture them.

These are sick, twisted people who should be convicted criminals, forced to live in tiny cells as blood donors. Okay – that’s harsh in response to harsh, but this sort of brutality really pisses me off.

The article reports an estimated 12,000 bears are currently suffering on bile farms across Southeast Asia.

Support the PUPS Act: The Bradenton Herald out of Florida ran a letter Saturday from a reader supporting the Puppy Uniform Protection And Safety (PUPS) Act (S. 707 and H.R. 835). The bills would require regular inspections by the USDA for commercial dogs breeders who sell 50 or puppies each year over the Internet or through newspaper ads.

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Pack Line Headlines: Petition against dog racing ad, seal pups face climate change, bear-bile farming

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43,000 sign petition against Skechers greyhound racing ad: Over 43,000 people have signed an online petition on, requesting the company change plans on its reported Super Bowl ad that will feature racing dogs.

Business Insider received a letter from Cheryl Kearney, the director of post production, noting the American Humane Association had observed the filming of the ad and claimed “no animal was harmed in the making of this commercial.”

But of course, logic seems to fly over the heads of the top brass at Skechers. The point is, it is stupid and morally wrong to promote greyhound racing. Do some research before you decide to do something like this.

Baby harp seals being killed due to melting ice: National Geographic is reporting baby harp seals are drowning and being crushed in large numbers due to melting ice in the Earth’s polar region. This is due to climate change that is warming the region to an extent that the thick ice the seals need to survive is melting.

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