Pack Line Headlines: Florida dog-racing bills, Alaska aerial shooting of bears, 128 dogs in a U-Haul

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128 dogs and a cat found suffering in the back of a truck: Two women have been charged with animal cruelty in Tennessee after a U-Haul truck was pulled over and 128 dogs and a cat were found being transported without food, water or proper ventilation.

According to a story by the Commercial Appeal in Memphis – the animals had been locked in the truck for several days without food and water on a trip from California to Virginia. One was found dead and others were discovered standing in their own feces.

The women run a rescue organization – maybe – and it turns out they were transporting the dogs in the U-Haul and in a minivan towed behind the truck. If they run a legitimate rescue, what in the hell were they thinking?

Alaska lifts ban on aerial killing of bears by state officials: They’re calling it “culling” because they must think this is somehow a kinder way of putting it. But in reality, Alaska’s “Board of Game” – another heartless wording – has decided to lift a regional ban on the aerial shooting of bears by state officials.

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