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Predictions that environmental rules would devastate coal plant were completely wrong

When it was announced three years ago that a coal-fire power plant in Pennsylvania would have to reduce its output of pollution into the air, the anti-environment crowd and operators of the plant cried that there would be horrible consequences. None of it happened; the predictions were wrong and now we have more proof that […]

Game On – Beer drinkers vs. the Fracking Industry

I don’t drink any sort of alcoholic beverages at all, but a lot of people do – a lot of people. And certainly there are tons of beer drinkers in the United States. An article on Grist.org hit the Pack News Wire this morning, concerning the concern that beer makers in New York State have […]

Salazar to step down as Secretary of Interior

I just received a press release from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, concerning the resignation of Ken Salazar, as the Secretary of the US Interior Department. I was not a supporter of Salazar for this position and over his term, I felt he leaned far too much on the side of industry and development. […]

West Virginia Mountain Party candidate speaking out against Big Coal

The terrible tragedy being inflicted on wildlife and people that is mountaintop removal mining in the Appalachian Mountains has one key opponent running for governor in West Virginia. Dr. Bob Henry Baber is fighting an uphill battle against big money, Big Coal and both the Democrat and Republican parties. An interview Jeff Bigger conducted with […]