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BP Oil Gusher

Trailer: Drill, Spill, Repeat? – It can happen again in the Gulf of Mexico

Oceana has released a trailer for its new documentary concerning the BP Oil Gusher – and the ongoing threats four years later. For more information, go to Oceana.org. PACK MENTALITY BLOG: Compassion – teamed with Science and Logic

Former TransCanada employee has harsh words for company’s practices

A former TransCanada Corp. employee testified last week about the company before a Canadian Senate committee and used phrases such as a “culture of noncompliance” and “coercion” and “deeply entrenched business practices that ignored legally required regulations and codes” and “significant public safety risks” – according to an articled posted Tuesday on the Huffington Post […]

Studies showing dispersants used during BP Gulf Oil Gusher are destroying marine animals

The fear was there during the BP Gulf Gulf Oil Gusher, that not only was the oil killing marine wildlife – but also the chemicals being used to “clean up” the mess. Now, it seems studies are showing the dispersants were toxic too. An article on TakePart.com suggests – “everything from microscopic organisms to bottlenose […]

Once again, Big Oil shows it just doesn’t care

The AP reports the delay in Exxon’s response to the 2011 oil spill along the Yellowstone River in Montana made the disaster much worse. Fish and other wildlife were killed along 70 miles of riverbank and the cleanup lasted for months. Approximately 63,000 gallons of crude poured into the river. BP covered up the amount […]

On the Environment: BP suspended and Amazon deforestation rate is down

On the environmental front, there are two areas of good news this week: The Environmental Protection Agency as announced BP has received a suspension from being issued new contracts with the US government. The Associated Press reports the EPA suspension has arrised due to BP’s “lack of business integrity as demonstrated by the company’s conduct […]

BP agrees to pay record $4.5 billion penalty and plead guilty in Gulf Oil Gusher case

Now that BP has agreed to pay this huge, record fine of $4.5 billion and will be plead guilty to manslaughter charges, will the company pull its propaganda TV ads? In the ads, BP makes itself out to be the hero of the Gulf Oil Gusher. How could a hero agree to pay billions and […]

Finally – someone else calls out BP’s propaganda campaign

Watching BP’s constant stream of TV ads, touting its hand in a great tourist season along the Gulf Coast, is like fingernails on a chalkboard for people who understand the facts. So I was very please to see David Yarnold’s editorial posted Friday on the Huffington Post website. Yarnold is president of the National Audubon […]

Science news for animals and ecosystems

The BP Gulf Oil Gusher continues to impact the Gulf of Mexico’s ecosystem. MSNBC reports the 1.8 million gallons of chemical dispersant used to break up the giant oil slicks is causing some real problems. A study released Tuesday suggests the dispersant hurt microorganism populations, which impacts the animals up the food chain. The story […]

Pack Topics: Coyote trapping; animal cruelty; BP Oil Gusher

BP Oil Gusher continues to impact marine wildlife: Researchers are still finding severe illnesses and deaths among dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico. The Care2.com site also reports 754 marine mammals have washed ashore (95 percent dead) since February of 2010. Since all dead wildlife don’t wash up on shore, the number deaths is believed […]

Romney and Obama? – We need an animal-welfare candidate

On one side, Mitt and Ann Romney continue to defend the act of riding their dog on top of their car – and with their statements of late are only making the news worse. And on the other side, we have President Obama opening up the Atlantic seaboard to oil and gas exploration. While I […]