Bullfighting is one of the Earth’s cruelest industries

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The government of Spain and anyone who supports bullfighting should come forward with shame at what they are supporting. And those who take part in the horrible act and continue to do so should be jailed – as they are the equivalent of dog fighters or anyone else who abuses animals for the sick enjoyment they take in the cruelty.

I was sickened by what I read in a CNN report posted May 22. In a recent so-called “festival” in Madrid, two bulls fought for their lives against the evil abusers and injured three of them.

The bullfighting was subsequently suspended, to the disappointment of the 24,000 clueless individuals in attendance.

But the torture was not over for the bulls. The article included the following:

But the tradition says the bull must die, so in stepped the second bullfighter, Antonio Nazare, who finished him off.

Tradition? Some sick people consider the torture and death of animals, for entertainment – is a tradition. Talk about clueless.


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Bullfighter’s return glorified

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A Spanish bullfighter was gored in the face last year by a bull. He lost an eye and has paralysis in one side of his face.

Instead of retiring from the barbaric industry of bullfighting, he choose to return to torture more animals. Instead seeing the light through his one remaining eye, he choose to go back to ring of horror.

In a New York Times article, it is reported that he killed 10 bulls during his training. It’s mentioned in a way one might mention that he wrecked 10 cars training to become a NASCAR driver.

I wish the article made more than a brief mention of how horrible bullfighting is. And I wish it could be reported that his return to the ring was a topic of protest in Spain, as opposed to something to be cheered and glorified.


Catalonia region of Spain bans bullfighting

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The Catalonia region of Spain joined the 21st Century Sunday, holding its last bullfight heading into a ban on future such tragedies. It is a cruel industry that will still continue in other regions of the country.

The defenders of the practice claim it should go on because of some warped take on tradition. In reality, tradition is an extremely poor excuse for torturing innocent animals.

Hopefully, the remaining sections of Spain that still allow this cruelty to continue will soon follow Catalonia’s lead.

Government in Spain pulling tricks to protect and defend bullfighting

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The government in Spain is going out of its way to protect a barbaric “tradition” – bullfighting.

The Guardian out of the UK is reporting – “” Prime minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero’s socialist government announced that the ministry of culture will from now on be responsible for the “development and protection” of bullfighting, which previously fell within the remit of the interior ministry. “”

A statement from the ministry of culture called bullfighting “an artistic discipline and a cultural product.” I’m sure people who run dog-fighting rings would love to call their industry “an artistic discipline and a cultural product.” But that statement is worth less than the droppings the bulls might leave in the dirt around the stadiums.

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