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Canadian Seal Hunt

Wacky Quote of the Week: by Canadian Fisheries Minister, in reference to the seal hunt

Canadian Fisheries Minister Gail Shea is upset that animal-welfare advocates are road-blocking the trade of seal meat with China. She is highly offended that people are actually against the brutal beating or shooting deaths of a massive number of baby seals. Shea is offended that anyone would try to stop people from torturing seals. I wonder […]

A lack of understanding of basic logic can lead to statements that defy logic

Oddly enough, the headline over an editorial published Sunday on the Globe and Mail website reads “Hunting for logic in the WTO’s seal-hunting ruling.” The World Trade Organization recently upheld the European Union’s important ban on products imported from the Canadian seal hunts. It is a great ban, but the aforementioned editorial shows an opposition […]

Video: HSUS documents seal slaughter

The Humane Society of the US is documenting the suffering that is going on at the hands of those slaughtering baby seals on the Canadian sea ice. How anyone could live with themselves after inflicting this sort of suffering on innocent beings is beyond what I can comprehend. WARNING: Graphic content. PACK MENTALITY BLOG: Compassion […]

New animated HSUS video informs on the horrors of the Canadian seal slaughter

The Humane Society of the United States has released a new video, informing viewers about the horrors of the Canadian seal slaughter. While the market for seal products continues to decline worldwide, the Canadian government continues to promote severe cruelty. PACK MENTALITY BLOG: Compassion – teamed with Science and Logic

IFAW to stay away from the horrible spring seal hunt in Canada

The International Fund for Animal Welfare has decided to not attend the spring seal hunt in Canada, to avoid confrontations with hunters on the Atlantic sea ice. This is a brutal practice and one fueled by GREED, as a lot of the torturing of animals is fueled by GREED. But the IFAW has decided to focus […]

Chinese animal-welfare groups challenge Canada on seal hunts

Canada is a great country – no doubt. But the way the nation’s government supports the industry that regularly beats baby seals to death for their bodies is a horrible stain on Canada’s reputation. Now, more than 50 Chinese environmental and animal-welfare organizations are calling for a halt to the exporting of seal products to […]

Canadian government goes crybaby on European seal product ban

The top level of the Canadian government is continuing its bizarre and all-in support of beating seal pups to death for their body parts. Are these people channeling their inner US Rep. Steve King or something? Defending this level of cruelty is bad enough on a basic level, but this insistence that other countries must […]

Topics: Factory farming, seal slaughter, kangaroo slaughter – and greed

What led to current state of factory farming? – Greed. What prompts the annual seal slaughter in Canada and the similar kangaroo slaughter in Australia? – Greed – And then there is the unfortunate market for the products from these mass slaughters. A new Whole Foods just opened in my hometown. My wife and I […]

Sarah McLachlan asks Canadian PM to halt seal clubbing cruelty

One of my favorite all-time musical artist, Sarah McLachlan, has written a letter to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, calling for an end to the country’s annual seal hunt. The the so-called ‘hunt’ is actually the clubbing of baby seals – the brutal beating of defenseless baby seals. The Globe and Mail notes Russia banned […]

Report on seal slaughter: Numbers killed down but cruelty on the increase

The season’s horrible East Coast seal hunt season draws to a close, the Canadian Press is reporting the number of pups beaten, shot and killed through any means possible was down significantly. From the story: “” The total number of harp seals killed in the 2011 commercial slaughter was about 38,000 — less than 10 […]