Video: Melting ice fields and hunters sending the polar bear closer to extinction

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The polar bears are in trouble. Their habitat range is melting away. And on top of this threat from a changing climate, some misguided and cruel people want to hunt them into extinction. is reporting President Obama and the Russian government are working an agreement to ban the trade in items derived from killing polar bears. But idiots in the Canadian government, probably the same warped individuals who support clubbing baby seals to death, are trying to block this important ban.

Killing a polar bear or any endangered species should result in extended time in prison, along with other hardened criminals.

Scientific American lists the Top 10 Science Stories of 2012

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Scientific American covers a vast array of topics in its publication and on its website. This week, it list the Top 10 Science Stories of 2012.

One of the most troubling stories on the list, as it relates to our regular topics here at Pack Mentality, is the record loss of Arctic sea ice. This will will have regional and global impacts and is really bad news for the wildlife in the region, particularly animals such as polar bears that depend on that ice.


Climate change debate needs to expand

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Finally, near the end of the 2012 Presidential campaign, the issue of climate change was discussed in the media. Hurricane Sandy forced it into the news cycle, along with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s endorsement of President Obama.

I have to once again note that we need more discussion about the causes. The debate too often is consumed by temperature. We are polluting the atmosphere and no one should support polluting the air we put into our lungs or the protective layers that serve as our planet’s lungs – so to speak.

The political phrase is – ‘It’s the economy stupid.’ And we can add to that now – ‘It’s the pollution, stupid.’ We’ve got to raise the threat level on the chart for pollution – for our air, land and water. We’ve got to get more serious about reducing pollution – period.

The climate-change deniers love debating the temperature. They’re on the wrong side, but it doesn’t seem to matter to them. But pollution is not up for debate. It’s happening and if you put it in their backyard, the very people who deny climate change will scream at the top of their chemical-damaged lungs about their backyards.

It’s the pollution, stupid.

Pack Topics: Burning cases alarm animal lovers in Philly; Ocean acidification

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Pet burning cases in Philly: Four cases of someone burning a pet have occurred over the last six weeks in Philadelphia.

On her Philly Dawg blog on the website, Amy Worden is calling it an epidemic. Amy Worden offers links to the four cases and notes there was a fifth recent cruelty case where a woman poured ammonia on two stray cats.

A rise in ocean acid levels: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration chief Jane Lubchenco told the Associated Press recently that ocean acidification is the “equally evil twin” of climate change.

As we pump more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, more is absorbed by the Earth’s oceans, which is believed to be the cause of this problem. It is a big threat to the health of the coral reefs and marine wildlife.

Pack Line Headlines: Petition against dog racing ad, seal pups face climate change, bear-bile farming

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43,000 sign petition against Skechers greyhound racing ad: Over 43,000 people have signed an online petition on, requesting the company change plans on its reported Super Bowl ad that will feature racing dogs.

Business Insider received a letter from Cheryl Kearney, the director of post production, noting the American Humane Association had observed the filming of the ad and claimed “no animal was harmed in the making of this commercial.”

But of course, logic seems to fly over the heads of the top brass at Skechers. The point is, it is stupid and morally wrong to promote greyhound racing. Do some research before you decide to do something like this.

Baby harp seals being killed due to melting ice: National Geographic is reporting baby harp seals are drowning and being crushed in large numbers due to melting ice in the Earth’s polar region. This is due to climate change that is warming the region to an extent that the thick ice the seals need to survive is melting.

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Federal judge rightfully agrees that polar bears should be on Endangered Species List

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U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan gets a Pack of Justice Award for ruling polar bears should be on the Endangered Species List – due to the impact of melting sea ice.

The judge, as reported in an Huffington Post article, ruled the decision was “rational” and “based on science.” Great News – We need more judges who understand climate change and the need to protect wildlife species.

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