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Senate candidate isn’t really against cockfighting

Back to blogging this week, as things have been really hectic at my house, with a sick dog and lots of writing deadlines. Carl the rescued greyhound is much better now – thankfully. So I’m playing some catch-up with stories from April that I had filed away for comment. First up is an unbelievable statement […]

Legislation Update: Greyhound racing, puppy mills and animal cruelty

There has been some positive movement around the map of late, on greyhound racing to animal-cruelty laws. South Dakota finally joined the ranks of the states with felony animal cruelty laws, becoming the 50th state to enact more serious punishment for severe acts of cruelty to animals. Thanks to the recent passage of SB 46, […]

Breaking News: King Amendment removed from Farm Bill

This is BIG news. The horrible King Amendment has been removed from the Farm Bill. The amendment is named for the single biggest supporter of animal cruelty in the US government – Rep. Steve King. The mission for King and his amendment, was to gut animal cruelty laws across the nation and to prevent states […]

NBC News promotes cockfighting as a great vacation stop

I have been stunned more times than I can count over many years of researching animal-welfare information. But what I read today on the NBC News website ranks as one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever read, in terms of an article from a news outlet, presented as a promotion of animal cruelty – […]

Animal Welfare Legislative Update for March 2

A number of areas in the country are debating new animal-welfare regulations. I hope this is a good sign. Nevada: The state’s lawmakers are considering two bills – in regard to reporting animal cruelty data and to toughen anti-cockfighting rules. Ohio: The State House is looking to increase the penalties for the mistreatment of kennel […]

First Pack News Wire of 2013

Hope everyone had a safe and pleasant New Years Night. A couple of our rescues are a bit fearful about the fireworks, but it wasn’t too bad. Let’s start the year off with some news items that crossed the Pack News Wire over the last couple of days. We need more of this: An egg […]

Rep. Steve King continues to catch some heat for pro-dog fighting stance

It is pleasing to see more news about Rep. Steve King flashing across the Pack News Wire. He fully deserves the negative press he is getting for suggesting the country should not punish people for attending a dog fight or bringing kids to dog fights. The Humane Society of the US continues to hammer King. […]

Two stories show the two sides of our society

I will never be able to understand the mentality it must take to abuse a child or an animal. It is perplexing to consider that while our society includes people with great levels of compassion, it also includes people capable of terrible acts committed on innocent people and creatures of this planet. Two stories came […]