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Daily Pack Log on the Blog: 7.13.14 – Selfishness and Greed

There have been times in our nation’s history when there were mass outcries for justice, when mass numbers of Americans stood up as one and fought for something bigger than their individual selves. While we still have individuals and groups who battle for something bigger, I fear we have too many in our society and […]

Video: Policeman stops traffic to allow momma duck and ducklings to cross street

In a great act of compassion, a police officer in Eau Claire, Wis. stopped traffic near a busy intersection to allow a mother duck and her ducklings to cross the street. In a world where cruelty and acts of violence and greed can dominant the news, acts of compassion should not go unrecognized. PACK MENTALITY […]

Thought for the Day: Recovery from Dog Fighting

We often read about dogs rescued from dog-fighting rings and about their rehabilitation from the horrors they faced. So often the stories show how many of the dogs can recover and become loving family members. This is because dogs are inherently good. But the dogs are – after all – are the victims in all […]

Video: Dolphins help seal pup find its way

In this touching video, a group of dolphins find a seal struggling near a shoreline and direct him back out to sea. It appears the seal is giving up until his rescuers arrive. Yet another of so many confirmed case studies of animals showing compassion for others. It’s something we don’t see in some humans.

Pack Topics: Spay/Neuter and Rescue

The link to a very good column crossed the Pack News Wire this morning, concerning the topic of spay/neuter. From what I can gather from the site, Shela Boynton writes a regular column known as “Speaking for the Animals” for the Idyllwild Town Crier out of California. In this particular piece, Boynton challenges the most […]

Video serves as beginners’ guide to compassion for young children

I received a link today for this video, which seems to be directed to young kids, as a way to introduce them to compassion as a way of life.

Building on the Tweet Machine

Of late, I’ve been trying to increase my activity on Twitter. I’m not a social media pro by any stretch, but the effort is underway. I think it’s a great way to get out more animal-welfare news. So beyond the links to blog posts, I’m linking to other stories and news on my Twitter account. […]

Former Marine raises funds to bring canine friend home from Afghanistan

This is a great story. When a Marine departed Afghanistan in October, the dog he had befriended tried to climb on board the helicopter Through the Nowzad organization, he had to raise $4,000 to cover the cost of transporting Bolt to the US. After a quarantine period, the two buddies will be reunited. ABC News […]

Thursday is World Animal Day

Information from a great letter to the editor on the New Straits Times website states “World Animal Day is celebrated primarily:” “” “” TO celebrate animal life in all its forms; TO celebrate humankind’s relationship with animals; TO acknowledge the diverse roles that animals play in our lives, from being our companions, supporting and helping […]

Two stories show the two sides of our society

I will never be able to understand the mentality it must take to abuse a child or an animal. It is perplexing to consider that while our society includes people with great levels of compassion, it also includes people capable of terrible acts committed on innocent people and creatures of this planet. Two stories came […]